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Please, am misplaced my Samsung S8 (in a black protective case though the back glass is broken) while trying to board my flight out of gate A45. The phone was off as at the time. Please if found feel free to reach me on 860-655-3556. Thank you
I am flying international out of Detroit to Belguim on United. Which terminal will I be going to? In Chicago there is an international terminal, but don't know about Detroit.
Am I allowed to vape anywhere in the terminal? Bars? Restrooms? Freedom Center for veterans?
Are their private single stall restrooms for someone who would need to cath? public restrooms won't suffice
AES shipment number AES779955020175 is still on hold for verification of my LARA card?
I shall arrive to Detroit metro airport from France
can I buy SIM card from the airport on my way out from the airport
Do you have the schedule for Roman Catholic mass in DTW chapel for Saturday October 7
I'm picking up a friend at 6:35 am on Friday. I work until 2 am so rather than go home and fall asleep and miss picking him up, is there anywhere in the terminal that I can go to wait? It would be for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours
Can someone with a north terminal departure enter mcnamara terminal? I was hoping my sister could join me at the skyclub for a couple hours before our flights leave.
It's unlikely, considering they are not connected at all inside security.
Is it allowed to lock your checked luggage on Delta Airlines to Cancun>
Yes, you can. However, if it's not a TSA lock the TSA may break your lock if they need to search your bag.