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I have a meeting in southfield MI that ends at 4pm. Can I catch a flight at terminal N (D gates) 5:40pm on a monday at DTW, that's the only flight available.
What do I need to get a gate pass
Time to walk from A4 to C6????
Where is international arrivals in North Terminal
Which terminal does Delta International flights depart from?
DL-DL connect flight in DTW. I will pass through US custom in Toronto airport. questions.
1. Do I need take out luggage in DTW? or the luggage will go directly to salt lake city?
2. Do I need pass security check again?
3. Is 1hour enough for the connecting?

Can a 9 year old girl travel alone one way from DTW to Manila?
I would highly advise against that.
Is there a place to shower and rest in the airport?
Are baggage carts available at the parking shuttle drop off at the McNamara terminal?
Not at the shuttle drop off.
Im flying spirit my layover is 50 minutes in Detroit where do I board Spirit airlines or do I stay on the same plane? I
You have to deport the plane and check the gate of your connecting flight. Then board that plane.