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Does Barclays banking have ATM machines available at the Dublin airport terminals?
I will have a 2 hour layover in Dublin on my return home to the US. Is that enough time to get thru the pre-clearance/Immigration process?
If your bags are checked through that should be enough time.
FOX car rental terminal location?
I arrive at 5am from JFK, but the shuttle for the University does not arrive until almost 8:00am to pick us up. Are there places to sit and eat to wait? I will have several bags with me.
I am in the same situation. Any ideas on what to do?
U.S.A. citizen has to have travel documents checked before going to security...travel from Dublin to Edinburgh via Ryanair. Where is this desk located?
In this article you mention that EBS customers cannot use ATMs in the airport. What are EBS customers?
I want to use the ATM when I arrive in TErminal @ from the United States. It states that EBS can't use the ATM. What is EBS?
Flying United and my friend is flying British Airways. Where can we meet at
Dublin airport?
I am arriving from US, staying with Aer Lingus, connecting to Dusseldorp flight. What customs, etc. activities will I need to do before I can proceed to second flight?
All you have to do in Dublin is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
The first leg of my trip is with British Airways operated by Aerlingus from Dublin Airport Terminal 2 to Toronto Pearson airport. When checking in for my flight and boarding passes, which airline do I check in with? Thanks.
You check in with Aer Lingus.