EU Delayed Flyer Rights

EU flight laws and traveler's rights


Recently passed EU flight laws now require European regulated airlines to provide compensation to any passengers and customers who may have experienced difficulties whilst travelling. Compensation may be awarded to any passengers who have suffered complications due to over-bookings, delays, or cancellation of their flight altogether. This law applies to flights that are either flying from a country within the EU, or conversely flying to an EU country. Please note that the nationality of the airline itself is completely irrelevant when it comes to flying regulations and remuneration rights. If you are travelling within the EU with a non-EU airline, they will still be forced to operate under the same requirements as standard EU airlines.

If there is a delay of over two hours, EU regulations require customers to be provided with free meals and refreshments, as well as a limited amount of free overseas contact via e-mail, telephone, or fax machine. If a passenger experiences a three hour (or more) delay, a cancelled flight, or is denied boarding because of an overbooked plane, they are entitled to financial reimbursement by EU law. The amount of compensation that a customer may be awarded varies depending on the length of the delay, the distance that they are travelling, and which destinations they are flying between. For example, any customer flying between two EU airports will be entitled to as much as EUR250 for a journey less than 1500km, whilst those travelling further than this distance will be reimbursed up to EUR400. For any customer flying between an EU airport and a non-EU airport, up to EUR250 will be provided for journeys less than 1500km, up to EUR400 for journeys between 1500-3000km, and up to EUR600 for flights travelling over 3500km. When the delay of a flight is five hours or more, passengers are eligible for a full refund of the original price of their ticket, along with a free return flight to the first point of departure. If any flights are delayed until the next day, all passengers due to travel on this flight must be accommodated for in a local hotel courtesy of the airline. Transport between the airport and hotel will also be provided by the airline, or alternatively reimbursed.

Flightright allows customers who have experienced any delays or cancellations to calculate the exact amount of compensation that they might be owed. Engaging in legal disputes with airlines can make people feel vulnerable, intimidated and inferior given their lack of knowledge about flying laws. Flightright solves this issue by applying the law for customers, and working out how much financial compensation they are entitled to according to EU regulations. The site works on a basic principle, where customers simply enter their flight number, date of travel, type of problem they encountered, and contact details. Flightright log the case and deduce how much the airline owes.

It's important to remember that commuting between different locations within Europe entitles you to a series of passenger rights, privileges and guarantees. Airlines are required by law to provide flights that both leave and arrive at the originally scheduled times, and if you ever experience any form of difficulties before, during or after a flight, it is worth making a formal inquiry as you will likely be entitled to some form of compensation.