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Flying With Toddlers Tips

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10 Proven Tips for Flying with Toddlers

Are you planning a flight with your toddler? If yes, then for some, it may be fun as their kids love to fly, and are content simplifying watching videos from takeoff to landing. But for some parents, it may be, well, lets just say not that ideal.

Flying with a toddler is completely a new challenge as compared to flying with a baby. It is very difficult for the parents to make their toddlers sit still in one place, let alone a long flight with connections.

But these issues shouldn’t restrict you from flying with young children. To make your journey smooth, you need to plan properly, do a little mental preparation, pack smart, and follow these tips:

To help you out, here are some useful tips that you can follow while traveling with your toddlers.

flying with toddlers

1. Book a no-nonsense direct flight

Lets face it, flying with your toddlers is hard enough, let alone if you have to make a connection somewhere. Your first step to a less-stressful flight starts at flight booking, where if at all possible you can opt for a direct flight. Having a direct flight also helps your toddler to have a sound sleep throughout the journey.

In case you do not find a direct flight for your destination, then try to minimize the stoppages or connecting flights in between.

2. Fly at the right time of the day

Depending on your youngster, it is advisable to fly during the nighttime (ie the famed ‘red eye’). This is simply because there is a decent chance that your child will sleep throughout the journey.

For a shorter flight, you can opt to fly in the middle of the day. This is helpful as you do not need to wake up your toddler early in the morning. Moreover, you will reach your destination before the bedtime of your child. Keep in mind the effects of time changes when your journey lasts more than a couple hours and your flying east or west. 

3. Select your seats wisely

Most of the time, your little ones love to look out of the window of the plane. So, it is advisable to choose one of your seats as a window seat.

Having a window seat can help to distract the mind of your child, and allow them to wonder at the sights below, and the colors of the sky and clouds. Moreover, you share the experience by explaining what they are seeing.

4. Grab your seats in advance

Try to book your seats well in advance, if possible. It is helpful as you can increase your chance that your family sits together. Booking a seat in advance also gives you the benefit of selecting a seat of your choice.