Flying with Infants

Tips for flying with Infants

Breastfeed or give your infant a bottle during takeoff and landing. This releases ear pressure and will help the infant be more comfortable.

Always more diapers, wipes and formula than you think you will use. Read the "Packing a carry-on bag for kids" section.

Bring extra clothes for your infant and for you. Make sure these are comfortable clothes for both of you. Layers and neutral colors are best.

Not all airplane bathrooms have changing tables. Change infants on your lap while you are sitting on the toilet seat. You may feel like a contortionist but you will get the job done.

If you are breastfeeding, privacy is limited. You may wish to select a window seat and bring a pillow for comfort. If your infant is breast and bottle fed, it is far less hassle to breastfeed on a plane then to carry, bottles, formula etc.

Be sure to check TSA (Transportation Security Administration) policies before packing liquids including formula. Most liquids you bring onboard must be purchased AFTER the security checkpoint.

If you have a formula-fed infant, pre-measure the formula and place into bottles at home. Without a spare set of hands this can become a juggling act on the plane (especially if you are traveling with your infant alone). Alternatively, purchase the single serving packets for easy pouring. Be aware that obtaining "warm" water on board the airplane will not be an option. Bring your own room temperature water for use with formula mixing. On long flights, the flight attendants are willing to rinse bottles with hot water from their service tap. Do not drink or rinse bottles/cups with tap water from the passenger bathroom as it is not safe to drink.