Flying with Toddlers

Tips for flying with Infants

If you can purchase a seat for your toddler - do it. Depending on the flight duration, limit the amount of time they are out of the car seat to activities with a purpose (ie. Potty/changing breaks). This "rule" is for their safety as well as your sanity.

Be prepared to engage your toddler for the entire flight. Don’t kid yourself - they will be bored and full of excited energy. Channel that energy into productive and calm play.

Don’t expect your toddler to nap on their normal schedule. If they sleep at all, chances are they will fall asleep during landing.

Kicking the seat in front of you - expect they will do it. Toddler legs are just the right size and they simply cannot resist. It is virtually impossible to get them to stop but do try for the other passengers benefit.

Potty breaks. Toddlers love visiting the bathroom on the airplane. It is a fascinating place with things in easy reach. Not all airplane bathrooms have changing tables. If the child can stand, it is feasible to have them stand on the toilet seat while you quickly change them. If they are younger, change them on your lap while you are sitting on the toilet seat. You may feel like a contortionist but you will get the job done.

Always bring more clothes, snacks, water, milk, diapers than you think you need. Read the "Packing a carry-on bag for kids" section.

Bring your toddlers comfort item in your carry-on. It might be the right medicine for calming your child during the flight.

For children who are prone to motion sickness - take along extra plastic ziplock or diaper bags that can be used as sick bags. Extra bags are helpful for storing smelly clothes.

If your child has a cold before departing for your flight, be sure to contact your pediatrician. They may recommend a decongestant to prevent a build up of pressure while in flight.