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I (+1 other passenger) am flying from Ukraine to Los Angeles with a layover in Frankfurt. If I check my luggage in Ukraine, will I have to collect my checked bag and go through security in Frankfurt? Have a 90 minute layover. Thank you!
If both flights are on Lufthansa you don't have to do anything with your bags in Frankfurt - just go through security and to your departure gate.
Hi, I am travelling Dublin, Frankfurt, Slazburg on the 26 December. I have 90 mins to change flights with 2 children. Bags booked through. I've struggled twice before to make this connection but this is the shortest time. Is this achievable.
If FRA is the transfer site from Wash DC to Amsterdam, do you go thru security and customs? Looks like arv. Z gate and depart A gate
You will go through Passport control.
Is a 1:50 layover good enough for Miami-Moscow?
If both flights are on the same reservation that should be enough time.
If my ticket is purchased through a third party website such as travelmerry or exploretrip, and if i am late to make the layover, due to the flight itself landing late, will Lufthansa put me on the next available flight? Or will I have to purchase a ticket again?
Yes, they will still rebook you.
hello! I have to go from gate Z15 to gate A11. I have enough time in 1h20? I depart to schengen ffrom non-schengen.

Yes, that should be enough time.
Arrive from Houston to Frankfurt at 8:40a - Frankfurt to Barcelona at 9:50a - will I make it? Thanks
If both flights are on United/Lufthansa that should be just enough time.
I'm planning a trip to fly from Calgary Alberta Canada to Venice Italy with connection at Frankfrut airport. Would a connection time of 1 hour 30 min. be enough? Also, the return flight will have a connection time of 1 hour 10 min. Would it be enough time? Please help. Thanks.
I think that should be just enough time for both connections if everything is on the same reservation.
Hello, We are flying on AA from Dallas arriving Terminal 2 at 0830. Is it possible to clear customs and make it to Croatia Airlines to Dubrovnik Terminal 1 at 1025. We do have checked luggage. Not sure if American can interline our bags to DBV. Is 1 hour and 55 minutes enough time if we must claim and re check our luggage?
If your bags aren't checked through and you have checked bags I think that will be very difficult.
Hello! I need to purchase a ticket from Lisbon to Mexico, and there is a 2 hour and 5 minute layover in Frankfurt. Both legs of the trip would be on Luftansa

1)Is this enough time to catch my connecting flight?

2) do I need to retrieve my luggage and check it again?

Thank you for your patience!
Yes, that is enough time. You won't have to do anything with your baggage.
Hi, Im traveling from Boston to Budapest later this month and both my arriving and returning flights connect through Frankfurt with just over an hour layover.
On my arriving flight do i need to pass through customs or switch terminals? is an hour enough time?
Same on the departing flight? do i pass through any customs or switch terminals?
whoops, also forgot to ask about having to pick up any of my luggage. I will have a checked bag.