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Geneva GVA Terminal Map


Geneva International has currently two passenger terminals - T1 & T2. While the  large 'T1' is the 'Main Terminal', housing a large part of the 'Swiss sector' and a small part of the 'French sector'. Small T2 is still in limited use during the Winter season.
The Main Terminal is closed midnight to 4am; while the French Sector closes between 11pm & 4:30am - passengers cannot stay in the terminal between those stated hours.
Railway & Bus Stations are across from the Terminal.

The 5-level Main Terminal 1 was recently renovated & expanded by 40 percent of its facilities, which included the Arrivals, Check-in and Departures levels. The top two levels are used for restaurants & lounges and terrace viewing.  Airline gates are located in Piers (Concourses) A, B, C,  D & F (Pier F serves French traffic only).
   The Arrivals level;  its recent new extension reated an area for rental car counters, food & snack outlet, and new restaurants & bars.
   The check-in level & also houses the 'French sector' (to the right).  It recently added another 13 check-in desks. The new baggage sorting infrastructure streamlines passenger flows, enabling GVA to handle traffic increase of coming years.
  The Departures level which offes now a new centralized security checkpoint (CSC), a modern and varied restaurant area, and a completely oerhauled shopping area within the secured transit area. .
Passenger flow is now organized by separate Schengen & non-Schengen passengers (the new 2-level Satellite 10 adapts its boarding lounges according to need) in compliance with the Schengen Agreement.
   The Mezzanine level houses waiting areas at each ends, access to  lounges at left, a prayer room, & shower facility and access to the departure gates.
   The Underground level houses the Railway Station - accessible from the left end of the Airrals Level..

-  The recent overhaul work at ticketing /check-in hall of T1 resulted in vertical connections by elevators, stairs & escalators - with passengers able to pass again from arrivals to departures level.  T1's departure level now received upgraded toilets near the Food Court and the adjacent shops reopened.  
 - The e-Gate project throughout the Schengen terminal has been completed: Passengers scan boarding passes or smartphones, causing the door to open for access to the aircraft's passageway.  
- Ongoing major East Wing replacement is intended for long-haul flights & wide-bodied aircraft is to be completed by 2020.
 - The Centralized Security Control (CSC) has 16 screening points, with airlines having the option to grant their premium passengers a priority lane. To ener them, a 2D bar code is required.

Services and amenities in the passenger terminal include a host of food & drink, retail & duty-free consessions, free WiFi internet access, Swisscom Mobile Hotspot, internet cafe, internet corner, banking & currency exchanges, post office, information counters, travel agencies, a unisex hairdresser, showers in the transit area & arrivals level; a meditation room in the transit area; a dry cleaner and more.
Airline & Business Lounges at Geneva International:
- Air France* - Departure Transit Zone & Check-in French Zone; 
- British Airways (tel. +4122 71 8020) - Departure Transit Zone; 
- Dnata* Switzerland's Skyview Lounge (tel. +4122 817-4460) - Departure Transit Zone; 
- Swiss/ Swiss International (tel.: Business +4122 799-3348; First +4122 799 3344; French Sector +4122 799 60) - Departure Transit Zone and Check-in French Zone; 
- Swissport Horizon* (tel. +4122 799-3364) at Departure Transit Zone. 
- Premium Geneva Lounge, a Dnata Switzerland service, offers a wide range of VIP services from takeoff to landing.
* American Express offers users Airfrance, Dnata, & Swissport Horizon lounge foreign currency ordering service.

The old Terminal 2 is still used during winter charter season; its facilities offer only one restaurant. Passengers check in at this terminal, however, they are being  bused by TPG bus routes 10, 23 & 28 thereafter to the main Terminal 1. In the future, the Airport may decide to refurbish T2 and use it as a low-cost terminal.