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Recommend food options be available until all flights have departed. I arrived at 11pm for a 1159 connecting flight and was shocked to see all food options closed although there were flights wai
ting to leave.
United only operates those late flights during the holidays. Normally there are no flights that late, so the shops have set hours and close earlier.
Hi there,

I will be flying into IAH with aeromexico (terminal E) and depart 3 hours later, also from Terminal E with KLM to Amsterdam. Is there an apple store in Terminal E, or, can I go to another terminal? which one would that be? Thanks for your help!
Your Aeromexico flight will arrive in and your KLM flight will depart from Terminal D. There is an iStore Boutique in Terminal B. You can take the TerminaLink train there and back after you go through security. The iStore Boutique won't have as many things for sale as a full Apple Store would.
thanks a lot!
Destination houston has jacket in front window 2/12/14 I'd like to buy. Contact me at brvehart96@aol.com
I was ripped off at this store. Purchased a Desigual purse and wallet specifically for my trip to Italy. On week one, the handle started fraying and the zipper pull broke off. Week 2 the wallet's catch broke and in week 3 the purse's handle broke off completely. No returns or refunds after 3 months, so even though this was the first time I had used it because I kept it specifically for my trip, just because I had bought it just over 3 months prior, I was outside the return policy. I will never buy from this store again, even though I pass it on my weekly trips out of IAH, and I will definitely not buy Desigual again.
Bad Service, Tried to buy a bottle of Tequila and when I wanted to pay, they said that they didn't have enough employees to take the bottle to my gate
Is there any flower shop in the airport upon arrival flight? I'm planning to get flowers for my girlfriend when I arrive from California.
E-mail IAH info@fly2houston.com - state which terminal you arrive at (A,B,C,D or E ??)
This restaurant is in the A gates area.
Stopped for a layover here on the evening of Tuesday June 18th - I visited the US News and World Report in Terminal E. The lady working there was exceptionally friendly and had a great sense of humor - definitely appreciate the extra customer service and going above and beyond!
Any stores carrying San Francisco Giants logo stuff?
Looking for the shop where I bought my DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS Pink T-shirt. I need a new one. How can I get one. I need a phone number