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IAH Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Is it easy to get from Terminal E to terminal A? Is there a train or moving walkway?
I am flying from cancun to Frankfurt on a Lufthansa ticket. It transits via Houston. Will
1. We need to collect bags & check in again or just transit directly?
2. Do we need to go through immigration at Houston?
3. I assume we have to just go through transit security & our checked in luggage will be transferred seamlessly?
We nearly missed our flight with transfer from new york (2 hours). Now we are flying from orlando to houston Terminal E then go to london Terminal 2, we only have 1.5 hours, is it possible? after recheck luggages, do we need to go through security again? Thanks
Both of my flight are with united airline
Error: arriving at TERMINAL C, catch london flight from Terminal E.
I am looking at a United ticket from Sydney to Cancun. The flight has a one stop connection in IAH of 1hr 40min. I am assuming United will handle the baggage transfer? Do u think the United allocated time will be sufficient to make the connection?
Flying into IAH from Sydney Australia on United and departing for San Salvador 90 minutes later. Is this enough transfer time and how many queues and clearances are involved?
Coming in from New Zealand in mid afternoon and leaving 1.5 hours later. Is this enough time to go through customs? Thanks
Coming in at B2 tomorrow at 11:23 and go out at C14 at 12:05. What's the fastest route to connect on time?
We are two kinda senior ladies meeting up for vacation in Greece. First lady is novice traveler arriving Terminal A 1:43 pm (AA no checked bag), second lady, (me) is experienced traveler but with foot problems arriving Terminal C 3:16 pm (UA with checked bag). We have to meet up to catch Singapore flight to Manchester at 7:10 pm from Terminal D. I have Priority Pass use as well as United Club passes. My friend is arriving first so where would be the easiest place to have my friend wait for me since I will probably have to leave secure area to fetch my bag then re-check at Singapore departure and go through security again. I also have TSA pre-check. (Friend does not) Even though I have traveled a lot I do tend to get a bit anxious in huge airports and have had cart assistance before. I'm not proud;} I read somewhere that since United and Singapore are both Star Alliance, maybe I can check my bag all the way through from domestic (SNA) to international (MAN). Don't know if I want to take that risk using different airlines for baggage transfer. Any thoughts and thanks in advance for any suggestions!
I always recommend that you meet at the departure gate and then go to lounge or restaurant from there. That way there's no ambiguity as to where you will meet up. As far as checking baggage through, singapore and united are part of the star alliance so you SHOULD be able to get the bag checked all the way through to the final destination. However, it is best to check with the gate agent where you check in for the procedures on your connection. Have a great trip!
Can you tell what terminal we will be coming in on from Springfield Missouri United Express and only have about 30 minutes or less to catch our flight to Cancun, need the name of the terminal for Cancun. Thank you

We have LH flight via IAH (SJO-IAH-FRA-TLL) on October, connetion time is 1h and 36 min (at the moment arrival and departure are both terminal E). Is it officially enough? We do have ESTA. Any advice how to speed up the process from our side?