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IAH Gate Connections DISCUSSION

How long does it take to get from b86 to b25?
How do I get from gate e22 to gate IAH B 79 A
Arriving from FLL on flight UA0832 March 2, departing Houston flight UA0217 to Vancouver. What terminal does UA0832 arrive and what terminal does UA0217 depart? Thanks.
Arriving B20 150 pm. ( flight delayed)
departing E14 at 235pm boarding stars at 2pm

Is this doable?
Please help me to understand do I need to get my bag in Houston if I am a transit to Calgary from Doha
We are flying into IAH on Untied. Having to claim bags and recheck on EVA flying to Singapore. How much time should I allow between arrival flight and EVA departure.
Is 2 hr 55 min enough time to clear TSA customs for SFO flight/
What is the quickest way to get from Terminal A to Terminal D? Train, walk or other? Thanks for your help :)
can you connect without leaving security?
I land at 6:44 pm from Chicago. My international flight begins boarding at 7:30 and completed boarding at 8:10

Will I make the flight ?