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I’m going from gate B77 (Terminal B) to Gate C5 (Terminal C) for my next flight. Do I need to go through security again and will 1 hour be enough time?
My flight is suppose to land at 3:32pm from ORD. Yes we will check bags in Chicago . (Don't know what terminal we arrive at). I have a 53 minute connection time. Is that long enough to make my international flight with my grandson which leaves at 4:25pm for Heathrow
Will I need to go through security in Houston once I arrive from Mexico, claim my baggage, recheck my luggage, and go through security again before my connecting flight to San Antonio? Both flights are United and I only have 1 hour 45 minutes in between. Thanks.
Yes, you have to do all of that. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I will only have carry on, flying Business, Trusted Traveller card - is it doable?
You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Canada, so all you have to do in Houston is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Thank you!
I will be arriving in houston terminal E (international arrivals) but then have a second flight 3 hours later from terminal A on American Airlines to Dallas. Do i have to collect my luggage and take this to terminal A, or can i recheck this at terminal E after customs?
You will have to take it with you to Terminal A on the Subway train.
Thanks, and how easy it this to access? will there be anyone to assist me?
There is no assistance available. Access is not hard, just follow the signs, you can take an elevator down to the level it is on.
Does a Nicaraguan traveling from Managua to Great Britain making an international connection at Bush Intercontinental on United need to have a Visa to fly to USA to make a connecting flight. He will be staying only in the airport for all connections?
Yes, you absolutely have to have a US Transit Visa. You will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security in Houston.
Thank you. I appreciate your help.
I have a flight coming in from LHR to IAH then going on to MOB. (United flights)
The connection time just changed from 2hr 30min to 2hr 10min. I know i have to go through immigration when i come back, but if I do NOT check luggage, is there a faster line to get to the connecting flight? Do i still have to go through security even if I didnt leave the secure area for checked luggage? I read somewhere that there was an express lane.
This is my first time flying with my son and I just want everything to go smoothly... so I will have carry-on only if it will help ensure we dont miss our flight!
Yes, if you have no checked luggage you can use the OneStop line. You still have to go through security. You should have enough time.
I am coming from Toronto and landing in Houston with an 1h 54m layover to go to New Orleans, is this enough time? Both flights are with United.
Yes, that is plenty of time. You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto so all you have to do in Houston is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
We are arriving from Las Vegas on a United Flight, assuming the C gates, and will have to make our way to the International Gate D for our departure to Frankfort. What is the best way to get from gate C to Gate D?
Take the Skyway train.
I am arriving from Charlotte on an AA flight and then need to transfer to a BA flight to London - - I will need to pick up my luggage in Houston and check in again for the BA flight. I have 3 hours to do this - is it enough?
Yes, that should be enough time. The Subway train can take you from Terminal A where you arrive and claim your bags to Terminal D where you have to re-check your bags with BA outside security.
Thank you - that’s reassuring - whats the minimum time you think I need - in case my flight is late in...?
I think your AA flight could be up to an hour late and you'd be OK.