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Travelling from Amsterdam to Houston with Lufthansa which is co-sharing the flight with UA and onward to Lima, Peru with UA.

Question is: whether I have to collect my checked luggage or they checked in directly from Amsterdam to Lima with no pick for recheck in Houston?

Also is there a separate international to international customs line?
I do have ESTA.

I have 2 hours transfer time and wonder if this is enough time?

Thank you.
We will be returning from vacation and flying United from Cancun to Houston, with a connecting flight to Cleveland. We have a 1 hour and 25 minute layover at IAH. This will be on a Saturday, and I'm hoping this is enough time to clear customs, re-check our luggage, and make our connecting flight. Agree?
My United airline flight from Toronto YYX airport arrives at IAH 3:18 PM, I have to catch United airline flight to Lima Peru leaving 4:30 PM. Will there be enough time to connect?
Hi. I will be flying into IAH from Puerto Vallarta. The connection time is only 1:45 minutes. Is this enough time to go through immigration and customs and get checked in for my next flight. Thoughts appreciated!
Addendum: I would be booking the flight through United, and this is their schedule. Thank you!
Hi - arriving terminal A and have to transfer to Terminal E - do I have to go out and then clear security again, or is there an internal transfer, and how long do I need to get from A to E? (Gap between landing and take-off is 1 hr 40 mins approx). Thanks in advance
UA 6066 arriving from JAX 1:19pm change terminal to flight UA 2357 departing at 2:20pm
Hi EH,

You should be okay with a 1 hour connection. You may not even need to change Terminals, the arrival and departure gates vary slightly from day to day. Today, for instance, the JAX flight arrives at C39, and the SFO flight departs out of C11 (just as an example).

Even if you need to change Terminals, 1 hour should be plenty of time. There is an above ground train (the signs refer to it as the Skyway), to assist you in changing Terminals, if need be.
My United flight is due to arrive from San Diego at IAH at 3:26pm and my United flight to Cancun is scheduled to depart at 4:30pm. Do I have enough time to do this? Do I have to go through security at the international terminal? Thank you.
Hi ss,

Those flights can both depart/arrive at either Terminal C or Terminal E depending on gate assignments that particular day. You could get lucky and end up arriving and departing from the same Terminal, but even if you have to change Terminals, you'll be able to stay inside security, and will not need to process through TSA again.
Flying into IAH from California. Have a 1 hour connection to a flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Will we have to go through TSA again in Houston? Also, is it advisable to request a cart to make the connection?
Is 1 hr enough to change flight. I arrive from LA United#1241 at 6:40 and I'm taking United 429 to Mexico City at 7:40. Thank you.
Is 1 hr enough to change flight. I arrive from LA United#1241 at 6:40 and I'm taking United 429 to Mexico City at 7:40. Thank you.