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We have LH flight via IAH (SJO-IAH-FRA-TLL) on October, connetion time is 1h and 36 min (at the moment arrival and departure are both terminal E). Is it officially enough? We do have ESTA. Any advice how to speed up the process from our side?
Hello. I'll arrive on Houston on Sept 21 at 5:25 AM (UA63). Then I'm taking the UA2393 to Calgary at 7:45 AM. I'm Brazilian so no Global entry or anything like that for me. If everything goes well, should I be able to make it? Would getting UA Premier Acess help at all?
I have a 2 hr connection and have to reclaim my bag then change terminal and check in. What is the best way?
Hello all,

I will be flying from Montreal (YUL) to Auckland (New Zealand) (AKL) via Houston George Bush.

Is a 1 hour 20 min layover enough time to connect Terminal A to Terminal D?
What is the best way to NOT repass security, if such is possible?

Thank you!
We are flying from fort Myers to Houston and then we have an 8 hour wait until our international flight home to the UK.
We want to know if we can leave the airport at all?
Our bags I believe go all the way through

Any info greatly received
Can I get from gate C45 to B16 in under 40 minutes?
We plan to fly through IAH in October, from Tucson, then onward to LIma, Peru.
United flights, different terminals. Connection time is 1 hour, 8 minutes. Is this adequate?
Hi Fred F,

Assuming your TUS - IAH flight doesn't experience any extended delays, you should be fine - even with needing to transfer Terminals.

Will you be flying through IAH on the way back? If so, please make sure you allow for additional time in order to process through CBP.
How to get from b to a without having to redo securoty
Hi Akf,

There is a Skyway train that connects all of the Terminals, and will keep you inside security.

Safe Travels!
We will arrive from Mobile on UA 4309 to Houston IAH to connected to Vancouver on US 600. Is 40 minutes enough time to connect
Hi Sanjoe,

40 minutes should be doable if there aren't any flight delays from Mobile. You'll most likely need to transfer Terminals, so be sure to follow the signs to the Skyway Train.
We fly United in September. We only have 30 minutes to connect with flight to Vancouver. Is this going to be a problem.