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I am flying from London Heathrow to Denver via Houston - British Airways to Houston, United to Denver and the same in reverse.

I have a four hour 10 minutes layover on the way out and a 3 hours 4 minutes layover on the way back. I assume both transfer times are OK?

I have Priority Pass lounge access but that only applies to the Air France and KLM Lounges airside in Terminal D whilst the United flight to Denver leaves from Terminal C. Is it possible to use the Lounges in Terminal D whilst waiting for a flight from Terminal C?
Yes, that should be enough time. Yes, Terminals D and C are connected inside security.
I am a Colombian citizen and will be flying from Colombia through IAH to go to Venice Italy. My question is will I have to go thru US inmigration to catch my connecting flight to Italy? I will arrive Oct 5th 12:55pm Terminal E and will depart the same day 4:40pm, is there enough time for the conection?
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. You will need a US Transit Visa.
Flying to IAH from DFW on American Airlines. Connecting to Air New Zealand. American uses Terminal A (I believe and I think Air New Zealand uses Terminal D. I have nearly 4 hours connection time so that is not a concern. Will American Airlines transfer my luggage to Air New Zealand or will I need to leave the secure area to retrieve luggage, recheck it and then re enter the secure area ?
You will have to leave the secure area, claim your bags, take them on the Subway Train to Terminal D, re-check them with Air New Zealand, and go through security.
I'll be arriving at IAH on a domestic United flight scheduled to de-plane 53 minutes before my Lufthansa connection. The domestic flight looks fairly reliable and should arrive at C or E Gates ... International looks to depart from D Gates. Otherwise two bags checked-through and 2 small personal, carry-on items.
- Will this likely be enough time and/or any routes I should try and take to expedite transfer?
- I assume (hope!) clearing another full TSA checkpoint won't be required (possibly a smaller, international one in the D-Terminal and/or gate) as that could definitely cause a missed flight. Any insights there?

Thanking in advance.
Yes that is enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thanks Zap!
I'm arriving from Bonaire at 10:30am on Sun Nov 4 and departing for Phoenix at 12:15 pm. Will this leave me enough time for me to get through customs and still make my flight?
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am a US citizen who is currently in Mexico and will be flying from Mexico through IAH to go to Argentina. My question is will I have to go thru US customs to catch my connecting flight to Argentina?
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security.
It says that my flight into IAH tomorrow should arrive at 5:03pm at Gate B3... Then on the app it says that my departing flight is scheduled to leave at 6:10pm from Gate E16... What is the fastest way to get from one gate to the other ?? I will have 2 checked bags but I shouldn't have to worry about them, am I correct ?? They will just be transferred by the Airlines ??
Take the Skyway train. If both flights are on the same reservation, yes, the bags will be transferred for you.
I have to tickets, one SAP-IAH arrives at terminal E and another ticket IAH-DFW depart from terminal C, how do I check my bag and check in after customs and security?
If both flights are on United then you can show your DFW confirmation to the agent in San Pedro Sula and hopefully they can tag your bag to DFW and issue both boarding passes. Then after clearing customs in Houston you can just re-check your bags at the re-check desk.
We arrive at Houston airport Friday at 12:40 pm on Air NZ from Auckland then have a SW flight to Tampa at 3:15 pm. Are we good to go re customs etc to make tampa flight?
You need to change your reservation. Southwest flies to a different airport in Houston than Air New Zealand. There's no way you can make that connection.
Leaving Costa Rica with arrival Houston Intercontinental then switching to domestic flight Houston to San Antonio. If I purchase liquor bottle(s) at Costa Rica airport duty free and carry on, will I be able to clear customs and carry on liquor bottle(s) on my domestic flight or will I have to go through a Security Checkpoint between flights where bottles will be confiscated?
You have to go through security in Houston. So any liquor bottles will have to be put in checked baggage before the flight to San Antonio.