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Hi, my wife is travelling with our baby and unfortunately i wont be there for the journey, please how can we get someone to help with her baggage movement from local side of the airport to international.
What airlines is she flying? If both flights are on the same reservation she won't have to do anything with her bags in Houston.
Shes coming in from Midlands flying United, which would drop her at the local terminal. Then she need to proceed to the international terminal where she would board Delta- So we need help from local(United), to international(Delta)
Thank you
Delta does not fly international flights from Houston. Where is she flying to? By "Midlands" do you mean Midland/Odessa, Texas? Is it one reservation or two separate ones?
yes i mean midland/Odessa...when she boards Delta in Houston, she departs to Atlanta but he baggage would have been checked in from Houston...So basically we need help from Houston local terminal to Houston international terminal for her baggage
You are incorrect you do not go to the International Terminal in Houston. There will be no Delta desk there. She will arrive in Terminal B and her Delta flight to Atlanta will depart from Terminal A. She can just claim her bags from the Terminal B baggage claim, take the Subway to Terminal A, and re-check her bags with Delta and go through security.
Many thanks for the reply and explaining better.. She would be with a baby and moving her baggage from Terminal B to Terminal A may be a bit challenging for her, hence the request for help.

Thank you
She might be able to find a skycap in the Terminal B baggage claim to help her, but there's no guarantee.
I am getting dropped off at Terminal E Departures. How do I get from here to Terminal D Departures? I have to check-in at Terminal D and would go through security there too. Thank you.
They're just two sides of the same building. You can just walk there.
Great. Just to be sure, I can walk over before going through any check-in, security and immigration right?
Yes. Also, there is no US Immigration when leaving the US.
I had a marvelous experience with the people that assisted me in transporting my disabled mom to my car. They were helpful and supportive. I love IAH workers.

I'm doing Heathrow to San Jose (CR) on 1st April, and getting conflicting messages about baggage. We're doing both through United Airlines, so on one booking. Will we need to pick up bags and recheck, or will they go straight through?

Since everything is on the same reservation on United, your bags will go straight through, but you will still have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security.
So I'm a us citizen but my husband is a daca (dreamer ) he has proof and an Id . We are traveling to and from Florida . Will we be okay and what do we do as soon as we get there ?
Your immigration status doesn't matter for domestic flights. As long as he has an ID and boarding pass, he proceeds to security like normal.
I have someone traveling from the Ukraine to Houston today. Any kind of estimate as to how long it might generally take from the time this person gets off the plane, goes through customs? Thanks!
I am moving from the Middle East to Houston. I will arriving alone with 3 large suitcases and two large animal crates. How can I get assistance? It is too much for me to handle even with a cart.
You'll just have to figure it out. There are no porters in the International baggage claim.
Air NZ has a connecting flight with 1hour 50min stopover in Houston. That seems awfully tight for inbound passing through customs. Familar with LAX (awful) and SFO (v. good), but not Houston. Advice appreciated.
Houston is about the same as SFO. It's pretty good. It's possible. Also, United has almost hourly flights from Houston to Chicago if you do miss your connection.
I arrive at IAH at 10:45 am and depart 11:30 for Taipei. Any recommendations on what I can do during my layover? I only have a backpack and no check-in luggage. Wouldn't mind finding a place to rest and shower or possibly do something near the airport.
I flew into Houston airport last Wednesday and needed assistants because a sprained my ankle on vacation. I had a wheel chair for part of my way around the airport and it was fabulous, but I was taken for a short trip ny golf cart and I tried to tip according to how far each one took me but one trip with one of the guys, I ask him to change a 20 fir me so I could give home 5 bucks but he said as he handed back my change I get 10 if you ride my cart. I thought he was terribly rude. There was one lady that took great care of me in a wheel chair she was from Dominica Republic and she was so sweet I gave her 20 Dollars but the other jerk is ripping older people and handicap off . He needs fired.