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Lost my Laptop after immigration check at 8am on 11May2019
I may have lost one of my bags at the priority lounge of Vietnam airlines in the international airport of Hanoi. It was a bright textile bag with a black photocamera Sony inside, and a white beach bag with kids' swimming stuff inside. I was waiting there for my flight to Moscow VN65, at 11:30
Hi. I forgot my notebook where I draw and write on board Air Asia flight FD644 from Bangkok to Hanoi on December 30, 2018. Is there any chance you found it? It has a big presonal value to me. I would be very grateful if it appears. Thank you!!
Hi lost passport either at baggage hall or in between A1 and A2. Please contact if found
Hi I have lost my grey glasses case this morning with 2 pairs of sunglasses. Can anyone help? Thanks
I was in noi bai airport in 18th September to 19th September. And I might lost my schedule book. My schedule book is blue and there is diary and calendar. There is a lot of Japanese. And the last page, there is my contact. If you find it, please contact me. I hope it will be found...
We left our camera at the checkin desk for Vietnam airlines checking in for flight to Laos on 28 March about 5//6 pm.
I lost my computer the 10/03/2018 in the terminal 2, gate 22. It's a small black ACER within a grey sleeve. If someone find it, please contact me.
Thank you in advance.
I lost my black iPhone 7 plus in the airport while i was checking in and going through the security gate in Noi Bai airport. it has a red broken case.
I have traveled through the airport last night and I have sadly lost my favourite black wool scarf so I am hoping you can find it.

Please help me to be reunited with my scarf.

Thank you so much