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Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat Airport ( SGN ) Terminal Map Information


Tan Son Nhat Airport has two passenger terminals - The Domestic T1 and the International Terminal T2 - connected by a sheltered walkway. 

 -  Under the ongoing development project, the International Terminal's first phase has been completed by Sept. 2016, and its second phase is expected to be completed by November 2017.
 - Visa (where applicable) and passport checks are both required upon entry & exit! 
 - Passengers need to be at check-in counters one hour prior to scheduled departure time; check-in counters close 40 minuted before.
 - Vietnam Airline passengers enter door D1. Economy-class check-in is at rows A, B & D.
 - Jetstar Pacific passenges enter door D2 and check-in at the E/F row.
 - Vasco & Vietjet passengers enter door D3, and check-in at I/K row.
 - Visitors picking up passengers need to meet them outside of the terminal, where taxis, mortorcycles & buses are waiting.
Connecting flights:
 - Domestic to domestic: if you have checked bags, collect them at arrivals hall and re-check them in at departures hall;
 - Domestic to international : Departing Domestic Arrivals Hall, turn left and take a 10-minute walk along the corridor to the International Terminal and check-in there. 
 - International to domestic: proceed to Arrivals hall, go through passport control at level 1, continue on to ground level collecting bags at carousels 1-6, go through customs check, then exit gates A1 & A2, turn left and walk along the corridor to the International Terminal for check-in of connecting flight.
 - International to international: Check-in at transit counters, go through security check at level 1, go to waiting lounge for connecting flight.

International Terminal 2 - able to serve up to 12M passengers annually - has four levels (Ground, 1, 2 & 3), 6 baggage belts, 12 boarding gates with 8 boarding bridges, 80 check-in counters, a transfer counter, 40 immigration passport control counters, 36 immigration passport control counters, and 6 arrival- & 4 departure conveyor belts. Among its serices are Duty-free stores, Lost & Found, Tax refund, Hotline, Baggage wrapping, Locker room and currency exchange, along with  four business-class lounges. Note that prices at its restaurants and shops are adjusted to Western standards.
    Level 1 is the Arrivals level for passport control.  Passengers go through immigration (with passport, immigration card), then proceed to the Ground Level (or use first the stairways leading to a mezzanine level with food & drink offers).
   The Ground Level is the Arrivals level with baggage claim, Customs), Information counter, first aid station and access to the Arrivals hall and outside transportation. 
    Level 2 is the Departure Level with check-in facilities and access to boarding gates.  After entering the Departure Hall which offers food & drink at east & west ends of the business center, there are 4 check-in rows (with checkin A - H) - each row having their own baggage check. After Customs, security check & Immigration, the 'green area' divides the boarding area and its gates on either side.  
Boarding gates 8-20 - arranged west to east: Gates 8, 9 & gate 15;  bus gates 10, 11, 12 on a sub-level, and gates 16-20 thereafter.  A transfer counter is near gate 18.
    Level 3 houses immigration counters, the well-wishers gallery, and leads to the roof area with restaurants & views.
Special Amenities and Services at T2:  Baggage wrapping is available at Domestic Terminal, near D2 entrance, at level 2 near escalabor of departure area; and on level 3 opposite of check-in area row A & B; and at International Terminal near D1 entrance and on level 2 near D2 entrance.
There are four lounges at T2:
- Rose Lounge open 24/7 is near gates 6-9; 
- Orchid Lounge opens 6am-2am, located near gates 10-14
- Apricot Lounge with available shower facilities, located near gate 17 has varied schedules.
- Lotus Lounge with available shower facility, is on level 3, open 24/7. 
- Currency Exchange service is available on all 4 levels: near gates 17, 18, opposite of check-in area row D;  on level 2; behind mmigration counters on level 3;
The Sleep Zone with 20 comfortable lounge chairs to strech out, are on level 2, post-secuirty near gate 21-22 (after immigration counters, turn right, go straight to gate 27. 
- Children's play area: level 2, near gates 21-25.
- Charging Stations: are available at D1 entrance (opposite of Vietnam Airlines self-check kiosk);  at Vietjet Air waiting area, (opposite of security check) and a waiting area on  level 1, opposite of Gates 10-11 & 11-12.
NOTE:  Ongoing expansion on the International Terminal 2 will last until 2017/18 - thereafter capacity will reach 13 million passengers annually, and the terminal will have 120 check-in desks, 10 jet bridges, 19 gates,  and cover 138,000 square meters.

Domestic Terminal 1 - able to handle 10 million passengers a year - was upgraded in 2013. The 3-level terminal  houses 19 boarding gates, 4 boarding bridges, 111 check-in counters, a transfer counter, an over-size baggage counter, and 6 baggage conveyor belts at each of arrivals and departures. 
- The Ground level is divided Arrivals (in the center is the baggage claim leading to the Arrivals Hall - with Departure Halls  A & B on either side - offering  check-in facilities and separate security checks.  Food & drink is available throughout this level. At its east end it offers a large lounge area with food and stores.
- Level 1 houses the secure Boarding area with food & drink and retail concessions, leading to four boarding bridges.
T1 has three pay-in lounges on level 1, post-security: Lotus 1 & Lotus 2 for Vietnam Airlines - near gates 1 & 12; and the Skyboss (VietJet Air) near gate 14.