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Hong Kong HKG Terminal Map HKG Midfield Concourse HKG Satellite North HKG Terminal 1 HKG Terminal 2


Airport layout, Arrivals & Transfer Procedures, Visa /Tourist Information, Pickup location; Terminal Details, Services/ Amenities; VIP & Pay-in Lounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) consists of two passenger Terminals - T1 & T2 - and the separate North Satellite Concourse and new Midfield Concourse.  Free WiFi access is available throughout Terminals, North Satellite Concourse & SkyPier.  A fleet of Automated People Mover cars (APMs) connects the new SkyPier with T1 & T2 on a 3.8 km track. 
The SkyPier is a ferry terminal connecting to seven ports in the Pearl River Delta, and offering convenience store, duty-free liquor & tobacco, beauty & health items, currency exchange, banking & ATM cash machine) .
The Airport Express
line takes you to Central downtown Hong Kong within 25 minutes; to AsiaWorld Expo in just one minute.
Jetstar in-town check-in options are available at the Hong Kong & Kowloon MTR Airport Express train stations.

Arrivals procedures:
Hong Kong citizens with identity card  can proceed to the baggage claim to retrieve bags and exit the terminal.  All other traelers need to do the following:  have your passport and completed arrival card ready before proceeding to Immigration Hall for immigration check; thereafter, proceed to the baggage reclaim Hall and pick up bags (if lost & damaged contact your airline); with your  bag proceed to Customs & Excise control - use red channel for items to declare, otherwise use green channel.
Transfer Procedures: 
  - If you have an onward boarding pass: follow sign to departures level for gates; go through security check; check screens for gate number & time and arrive at your gate no later than 30 mins prior to departure.
  - If you do not have an onward boarding pass: find your connecting airline's check-in counter (at either area E1, E2 or W1); then follow signs to the departures level, go through security check and arrive no later than 30 mins at your gate prior to your departure.
Visa & Tourist Information is available from the HKTB Visitor Information Center, located in the Buffer Halls A&B of Terminal 1's Arrivals level. You can also visit DiscoverHongKong.com, or call +852 2508 1234. 
If being picked up at the Airport, proceed to Terminal 1's Arrivals Hall A or B (at opposite sides), which offer food & shops.

NOTE:  HKIA  is getting 'Cherrypicks' starbeacon solution - enabling passengers to search & select destination within the airport - showing the best route by indoor map on their mobile devices (supporting 2D, perspective and AR maps). Holding the camera to the signage, it also translates.


Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International - one of the world's largest terminals (570,000 sq.meters) and shaped like a Y - has its 321 check-in counters for most regular airlines on Level 7 (Departures) with counters A through K - Exception: most low-cost and some full-service airlines use check-in facilities at T2, where passengers thereafter need to take the APM car connecting to T1.  Levels 6 & 7 house the VIP lounges (listed here at the end). 
50 new beacons at T1 guide passengers with a user-friendly map display on their electronic equipment, including restaurants & retail concessions.
   Level 8 of T1 houses a restaurant and the 'Peak Lookout'.
   Level 7 of T1 is the check-in/ Departures level with check-in counter areas A - K, theCustomer Service Center. This level also houses the Airport Express station.
   Level 6 of T1 houses the Y-shaped departure concourse with gates 1 - 71 (after gates 35/36 it splits into gates 40-50 & 60-70) with Departure West Hall* is between gates 40 & 60; Departures Central is between gates 27/28; Departure East Hall is between gates 1 & 15.  Between gates 20-15 is an escalator to gates 501-510 of the North Satellite Concourse.
* The upgraded  West Hall of T1
expanded its shopping offers to 33 brands, while adding the huge 'East to West Food Market' (a dining area) - all to operate in phases - started year-end 2015.
The new and exclusive SkyTeam Lounge at gate 15,  seating up to 230 persons and offering high-end amenities, is accessible to First- and Business-Class passengers, and to Elite Plus members. 
   Level 5 of T1 is the Arrivals level with Halls A & B, gates 1-71, baggage reclaim area, shops food & drink , and the HSBC Premier Center (tel. 2748 3322). Level 5 connects directly to level 3.
   Level 4 of T1 is another Departures level and has houses the Skypier with Duty-free shop & Travelex. It has access to gates 501-510 and 511-513, and at opposite side to gates 520-525.
   Level 3 of T1  has the AWTC building attached to it, and offers a wide variety of food, drink & shops and banking facilities.
There is no level 2.
   Level 1 of T1 houses the automated people mover (APM) cars, taking passengers to gates gates 1-32 & 33-80, to Teminal 2 & the SkyPier.

   The separate North Satellite Concourse (NSC) servesTerminal 1
and houses gates 501-510 (for smaller aircraft) and a waiting area with food & retail outlets, as well as Travelex. Passengers, whose flight will depart from this Satellite will check in, complete immigration & security check at either T1 or T2, before proceeding to a designated area at T1 to board a shuttle bus to the Satellite, running every 4 minutes.  The gate area connects via escalator to Terminal 1's level 6, gates 20-15.
5-level Midfield Concourse (MFC) serves Terminal 1 - located between two runways and west of T1 - is accessible from T1's level 6 by an extension of the automated people mover (APM).  It covers an area of 105,000 sq.meters, has 19 airline gates (201-219) and 20 aircraft parking stands. MFC is expected to handle up to 230 flights a day, and increase Airport capacity by 10M passengers annually.  Among MFC's amenities are new seatings with power sockets, free WiFi, inernet-enabled computer station and deck chairs along the glass facade.  MFC boasts 35 environmentally-friendly technologies. 

Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International serves only as check-in and processing facility for departing passengers of a majority of low-cost, and some full-service airlines. The terminal is without gates or arrivals facilities. Passengers are being transported by underground APM cars to T1. The SkyPlaza inside T2 is a shopping mall offering shops & restaurants, and entertainment facilities. T2 has 56 airline check-in facilities with Customs & Immigration, and is connected to the Airport Express Line on a new platform. T2 also houses the bus station for buses to/from mainland China.
   Level 3 of T2 has a number of shops, including duty-free, a wellness center, the Bank of China, and the AWTC annex, with access to Terminal 1, level 5.
   Level 4 of T2 is the Skypier with duty-free area, Starbucks & Travelex, gates 3-6 and connects directly to Terminal 1, levels 7(check-in level) & 8.
   Level 5 of T2 is the Departures level, with a Customer Service Center, adjacent HKIA Tower, and check-in counters divided by areas N, P & Q. This level has outside access to the Airport Express and inside a number of amenities & services.
    Level 6 of T2 houses restaurants & shops, an HSBC (tel. 2233 3000) and on either side of it The Aviation Discovery Center, UA IMAX Threater, 'Dream Come True' Educational Park and i-Sports.

Services & amenities inside the passenger terminals include over 200 retail and 60 food & drink outlets.  Airport Ambassadors wearing red jackets are located throughout the terminals, offer great customer service with a smile.  Free FiWi access is available throughout the Terminals, the North Satellite Concourse & the SkyPier.
    Other amenities and services include customer service centers, health & medical services, internet and business facilities, banking and currency exchange services, lost & found, childrens' play areas &TV lounges, small gardens & rest lounges; nursing rooms, photo kiosks, post office,  prayer rooms, shower & pay-in lounge, smoking lounges, baby stroller rentals, battery recharge service, document conveyance, copy services, wheelchair, Meet & Assist, and unaccompanied minors services.
Parking options are available in the multi-level garages 1, 2 & 4.

VIP, Pay-in Plaza Premium & Airline Alliance Lounges: The following Lounge upgrades were completed, or will be completed:
   The Pier First Class lounge completed its overhaul in June 2015 - intended for first class passengers, Marco Polo Club Diamond members and Oneworld Emerald members (including Platinum Qantas Frequent Flyers).
   The Pier Business Class lounge was closed by Cathay Pacific for a major make-over - intended to become one of the world’s best first- class lounges & to reopen 'second half' of 2016.
   The 'adjacent ' Business Class lounge closed in July for its overhaul.
   Sky Team Alliance opened the SkyTeam Exclusive Lounge at T1, level 6,near gate 15.
   The Star Alliance offers four lounges, including a newly redesigned Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Thai Royal Silk Lounge and recently upgraded United Club.
   OneWorld Alliance operates The First Class Lounge, The Wing and an Arrivals Lounge.

Lounges at T1 & T2:  with airline listing by code (CA = Air China); Codes with * are for code-share flights only;  all telephone numbers precede the area code +852 for outside of Hong Kong:
On Level 3 of T2 is the Arrivals Pay-in Lounge - all other lounges are located inside of Termial 1:
   On Level 6 of T1:
- Bridge Lounge for: CA*, CX, KA, PR* -  tel. 2747 3902 - use escalator near gate 36.
-  China Airlines Lounge for: CI, KQ, AE - tel. 2261 1801 - close to Gate 1
- Club Bauhinia Hong Kong Airline Lounge for OZ,  PG, HX, PR, BI - tel. 2261 2007 - close to gate 23.
-  CNAC VIP Lounge for CA, MU, CZ, FM, 3U, MF - tel. 769 6217 - close to Gate 25 (use lift or staircase near Gate 25)
- Pier First Class for: CA, CX, KA, PR* - tel. 2747 3939 - use elevator or stairway near gate 63.
- Plaza Premium Lounge (East) for: HM, SU, OZ, MU, AY, GA, JL, KE, MH, LV, PR, QR,  RJ, LX, FM, ZH, VN - tel. 2261 0888 - shower & pay-in lounge close to gate 1.
- SilverKris Lounge for: NZ, AC, CA, NH, OZ, ET, LH, LX, SQ, TG, TK, UA, VS - tel. 2769 8161 - close to Gate 15
- The Cabin for: CA*, CX, KA, PR* - tel. 2747 7541 - use staircase near gate 23.
- Wing /Business Class/First Class for: CA*, CX, KA, PR* - tel. 2747 7972 - close to gate 2.
    On Level 7 of T1:
- Emirates Lounge* for EK - tel. 2261 0266 - close to gate 40, use escalator /elevator at level 6.
- G16 Lounge for: CA*,  CX, & KA' - tel. 2180 2091 - use escalator opposite gate 16 at level 6.
- Plaza Premium Lounge (West) for: KC, CA, AI,, PG, MU, LY, ET, 9W, HO, RA, S7, UL, TK - tel. 221-2612 - close to Gate 35.
- Qantas Hong Kong Lounge for: AF, KL & QF - tel. 2261 0422 - no location available.
- Royal Orchid Lounge for: NZ, AC, CA, NY,, OZ, ET, LH, LX, ZH,  SA, TG, TK, UA - tel. 2769 7593 - close to gate 40, use escalator /elevator at level 6.
- United Club* for: NZ, AC, NH, OZ, ET, LH, LX, SA, TG, TK, UA - tel. 2122 8268 - close to gate 60, use escalator /elevator at level 6.
- Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse* for: DL, BR, VS - tel. 2186 3130 - close to gate 60 - use escalator/ elevator at level 6.