Banking/ATM Services at Honolulu HNL Airport

American Savings Bank - Money Express: (a) at Overseas Terminal, level 2, across from Gate 13, left side facing lounge and escalators, behind the Visitors Information Program counter;  (b) at Interisland Terminal, 2nd Level, across Gate 58.

'ATM's - Automated Teller Machines:
1. Bank of Hawaii ATM: (a) at Central Concourse of the Overseas Terminal, Level 2, next  to gates12 & 14, and (b) at Interisland Terminal, level 2, across from gate 58.
2. First Hawiian Bank ATM: (a) at Interisland Terminal, Level 2, across from gate 58; (b) outside of International Arrivals; and (c) at ground level between Baggage Claim E & F.
3. Cardtronics ATM:  at baggage claim H, ground level, next to Visitor Information Pogram counter.
4. General ATM:  (a) at Overseas Terminal, level 2, across gate 25;  and (b) at rental car area in parking lot.

Currency Exchange at Honolulu HNL Airport

ICE Currency exchange service at HNL Airport is available at the Overseas Terminal:
- at Central Lobby, across from Duty-free;
- at International Arrivals area, inside Customs; tel. 808-839-0850/ 0846
- at International Tour Group Arrivals on level 2; tel. 808-839-0853
- at Diamond Head Concourse, opposite gate 12; tel. 808-839-0819
- at Ewa Concourse, opposite of gate 25; tel. 808-839-0842.