Honolulu Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you pick up a passenger at Honolulu Airport, you may want to use either the EWA Cell Phone Waiting Area, located across from the Post Office on Nimitz Hwy - or - the Diamond Head Cell Phone Waiting Lot - now located past the United Cargo building on Aolele Street.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the terminal curb.

Available parking at Honolulu International Airport:  include two cell phone lots, 3 parking garages (Lots A,  D & M),  and  Economy Lot B.  There is no valet parking available.  Self-parking is at Interisland, Overseas & International Terminal garages.  All parking facilities are limited to 30 days, with monthly parking available on level 4 of the Interisland Terminal's Parking Garage at $300 a month.
    Lot A - the International Parking Garage - across from the International Arrivals Building - can be accessed from ground level of Access Road or from vehicle bridge on Interisland Terminal's top level.  The 8-level Garage, open 24/7,  has 1,800 parking spaces with a 30-day parking limit.  You can reach the Interisland Terminal from the Garage's top level, and both International Arrials and Overseas Terminal from the ground level.   Exit through Parking Plaza, which leads directly to the H-1 Freeway (east- & west-bound), and to Nimitz Hwy.
NOTE:  Designated electric vehicle parking spaces are at levels 1,5,6,7,8; charging stations are on level 1.  Electric vehicles with the proper license plate may park free for the first 24 hrs.
    Lot D - the Overseas Parking Garage (OST) across from the Overseas Terminal  The 5-level garage, open 24/7, has 1,570 parking spaces with a 30-day limit. Walkways at both ends and in the center of level 4, as well as on the ground level, lead to the Main Terminal.  Exit through the Parking Plaza, with direct access to H-1 Freeway east- & west-bound & Nimitz Hwy.
    Lot M - the Interisland Parking Garage is adjacent to the Interisland Terminal and can be entered from either ground or second level Airport Access Road.  The 7-level garage, open 24/7, with a 30-day parking limit, has 1,787 spaces.  The Garage can be exited through the Parking Plaza, with direct access to the H-1 Freeway, east- & west-bound, and Nimiz Hwy.
NOTE: If this garage is full, use the International parking garage.
    Economy Outdoor Parking Lot B with 434 spaces and open 24/7 has a 30-day parking limit. Lot B is adjacent to the Commuter Terrminal.  Enter from Aolele Street or use the main airport access road to the right of the Interisland Terminal.  Exit the lot by turning left onto Aolele Street to reach Nimitz Hwy & H-1 Freeway eastbound (right turn at Nimitz) or westbound (left turn at Nimitz).

    Parking Options & Fees - note that only cash & major credit cards are accepted.
- All Parking Garage Fees at Lots A, D & M: 
0-15 mins - free
16-30 mins /first half hour $1
31-60 mins /second half hour) $2 - total $3
61-120 mins / 1-2 hrs $2 - total $5
121-180 mins /2-3 hrs $2 - total $7
181-240 mins / 3-4 hrs - $2 - total $9
241-300 mins / 4-5 hrs - $5 - total $14
301-360 mins / 5-6 hrs - $4 - total $18
Thereafter each 24-hour period $18.
- Economy Lot B fees:  each 24-hrs $15
- Motorcycle parking fees:  First two hrs $1; $5 daily max; $50 monthly.

Monthly parking is available at the Interisland Terminal Garage, level 4 at $300 (space is limited - call AMPCO first).

For more parking information contact AMPCO Parking at 808-861-1260.

Honolulu ( HNL ) Airport Parking Map

Honolulu HNL airport parking map

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