Honolulu Airport Parking HNL

Honolulu Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

HNL offers parking for motorcycles/mopeds at five locations:
International Parking Garage – Ground level in the center of the garage.
Terminal 2 Parking Garage – West end of structure.
Terminal 1 Parking Garage – Fourth Level.
There is a charge for motorcycle/moped parking. Fees: $1/2 hours up to daily max $5 and monthly fees are $50

International Garage: This is a 8 levels garage that opens 24/7. You can only park here for 30 days . You can walk to Terminal 1 by a walkway in the 6th floor and to Terminal 2 at the ground floor of the garage. Height restriction: 8'

Terminal 2 Garage: This is located across the Terminal with 5 floors. You can only park here for 30 days and it opens 24/7. You can get to the terminal by using the walkway in the 4th floor or walk at the ground floor. Height restriction: 6'2"

Terminal 1 Garage: This is located adjacent to Terminal 1 with 7 floors. You can only park here for 30 days and it opens 24/7. Height restriction: 7' 

There are designated parking areas for  monthly parking at the following locations: 4th floor of International Parking Garage. Monthly Parking fee is $300.00

First 15 mins: free

16-30 minutes: $3

30-60 minutes: $5

Additional hour: $2 up to daily max : $18

For more parking information, call (808)-861-1260.

Honolulu ( HNL ) Airport Parking Map

Honolulu HNL airport parking map

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