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We are a group of 4 with lots of luggage and a rental car to return before flying from HNL to OGG.
Is it best to drop off the luggage and other 3 at the Interisland Terminal, return the rental car, and then just have the driver (me) do the connections back to the Hawaiian Air counter?
That's probably what I would do.
We are arriving on American Airlines flight and departing on a island Air flight with 46 minute layover, without checked bags. Would 45 minutes be enough time to change terminals. We do not have checked bags. Thank you.
Where does Ohana Airlines fly out of from Hnl to Kapalua maui
Which lobby should I go to for Hawaiin Airlines International flights?
Hawaiian Airlines international flights use the same main terminal as their flights to the mainland.
If we take an early morning interisland flight around 6 or 7 am, how long will the security line generally be on a Thursday? Does the interisland flight have its own security line? Is it easy to find parking in the lot M in front of the terminal.
Yes, the Interisland terminal has its own security checkpoint. It is a separate building from the main terminal.