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MEL : time between terminals 11 hr ago Comments: 0

Melbourne Airport Gate Connections

How does one get from Jetstar at terminal 4 to qantas international at terminal 2 and how long does it take

CLT : Gates without jetway 12 hr ago Comments: 2

Charlotte Douglas Airport Gate Connections

Do all C concourse gates use jetways for boarding or are some still boarded from plane to ground stairs?
pretty sure that it is all jetways these days.
pretty sure that it is all jetways these days.

JFK : International transfer, crossing fingers Yesterday Comments: 1

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections


I am arriving at T8 from the Caribbean and would like to catch a flight to Canada at T4 two hours later. Possibly carry-on luggage only. Separate tix. What are my chances? Thanks!
Chances are great with carry on luggage...that's plenty of time. Good luck

PHL : Walk or shuttle? Yesterday Comments: 1

Philadelphia Airport Gate Connections

65 minute layover from Terminal F to Terminal A. Everyone on party can walk quickly, safer to walk or take the shuttle? How long is the brisk walk?
It will be about the same amount of time either way. Walking is better for you :)

Baggage claim Feb 15, '20 Comments: 0

Airport Airlines & Baggage

Hi I was traveling to delhi on feb 09 2020. But I did not get my baggage should I found my baggage

PHX : enough time? Feb 15, '20 Comments: 0

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Gate Connections

Is 25 min enough time between Contour Airline from Page to Southwest terminal? No luggage

luggage sclae Feb 13, '20 Comments: 0

Airport Flyer Tips

Flyer Tips
Does the airport have in the departure leavel luggage sclae before I check with the airline .

Because I am trying to check my luggage weight before I go to the airline scale


CLT : American Airlines Feb 13, '20 Comments: 0

Charlotte Douglas Airport Gate Connections

Are all arriving & departure flights for American Airlines in the same terminal or will I have to walk to a different terminal?

CLT : Feb 13, 2020 morning ground stop Feb 13, '20 Comments: 0

Charlotte Douglas Airport Traveler Help

What caused the ground stop that prevented AA2011 from landing at CLT and diverting to Columbia?

JNB : My foons please Feb 13, '20 Comments: 0

Johannesburg Tambo Airport Food, Shops, Services

How do I get the tracking number