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Baggage retrieval Apr 04, '19 Comments: 0

Airport Airlines & Baggage

I grabbed the wrong bag how do I handle returning and retrieve my bag

Check - in on which terminal Apr 04, '19 Comments: 0

Airport Airlines & Baggage

I have a ticket from SGN do Hanoi and Dubai.
SGN - Hanoi Jet Star Pacific from Hanoi to Dubai Emirates. On which terminal should I check-in on domestic or international. Will the baggage be checked from SGN to Dubai directly?

Delivery of bags today? Apr 03, '19 Comments: 0

Airport Airlines & Baggage

Our guest Mr. Schlam is expecting 2 bags to be delivered from United Airlines today. The report says that they are found and at an airport but which airport would they be at? The report # is SNA58204M and our guest came into Palm Springs on flight #UA 6354.

JFK : Connection time allowance Apr 03, '19 Comments: 1

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

My direct flight was cancelled and I’ve been rescheduled to connect in JFK with exactly 1 hour between Aer Lingus landing and Jet Blue take-off. I’ve never used JFK. Is this doable?
Aer Lingus flies from both Shannon and Dublin to JFK, and both are US customs preclearance airports, so you will arrive as a domestic flight. Also, Aer Lingus and JetBlue both use Terminal 5 at JFK, so if your flights are on time, this is doable. However, you should call the airline you booked with to see if there is a way to get a later flight out of JFK to be safer.

SEA : Rail Time Apr 02, '19 Comments: 0

Seattle Tacoma Airport Gate Connections

I arrive at Terminal N and have to connect to gate C10. How do I get there with the rail from N to C is not running and how long will it take?

MYR : Connecting flight Mar 31, '19 Comments: 0

Myrtle Beach Airport Traveler Help

I have a friend thinking about flying from FWA to MYR on American and then connecting To Spirit for ACY. He would have 2 and a half hour. Is that enough time. Not familiar with thatvairport.

DFW : getting to and from terminals Mar 31, '19 Comments: 0

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Gate Connections

Is it possible to walk from terminal C to Terminal D, if so how much time is needed?

LAS : Connecting Flight gate D to E Mar 30, '19 Comments: 0

Las Vegas McCarran Airport Gate Connections

My husband has a connecting flight at McCarran and was wondering if he has to go back through security or if the tram keeps him in the secured area. He arrives at gate D and then flies out of gate E.

CAI : Visa purchase and currency exchange Mar 29, '19 Comments: 0

Cairo International Airport Traveler Help

Flying into Cairo intl arriving late at night. Are there visa and currency exchanges open and convenient inside the airport?
Thank you

SEA : length of time Mar 28, '19 Comments: 0

Seattle Tacoma Airport Gate Connections

We will be picking up our luggage on Claim C and then have to go to Hawaiian Air to check in. How long will it take from baggage claim c to Hawaiian Air?