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YHM : Advertised rate not what is charged Mar 20, '20 Comments: 0

Hamilton Airport Parking

Why do you advertise long and short term parking for Hamilton Airport when the rates are not what is actually charged?

FNT : Coronavirus Long Term Parking Rate Mar 20, '20 Comments: 0

Bishop Airport Parking

Given the current virus situation - what is the weekly parking rate as many passengers are have to cancel return flights

AUH : Lost a little beige pouch Mar 14, '20 Comments: 0

Abu Dhabi International Airport Traveler Help

I traveled from AUH on Monday 9th March and lost it somewhere between check in and gate. Can you advise on how I could retrieve it?

Lost camera Mar 13, '20 Comments: 0

Airport Airlines & Baggage

Lost small black Sony Cybershot camera in a black fabric case. It's possible that it was left on the flight, but also could have been lost in Terminal 2 of Osaka Kansai on March 10. We're currently unable to call the Airport, but can be contacted on

ROC : handicap parking Mar 13, '20 Comments: 0

Rochester Airport Parking

looking to leave for 9 days - husband is need of wheelchair service in airport- how much is 9 day valet parking in handicap area and are there wheelchairs at the valet station to get thru airport?

EZE : Quarantine screening Mar 12, '20 Comments: 0

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport Traveler Help

Does anyone know what is the current situation at the airport? Is there any screening going on for all travelers from US/Italy/China etc? Is it automatic quarantine? Do people get taken to hospital without screening? Please help~

PIE : Economy parking impact due to race weekend Mar 11, '20 Comments: 0

St Petersburg - Clearwater Airport Parking

Can i expect parking to be available?

DEN : Connection times Mar 10, '20 Comments: 0

Denver Airport Gate Connections

I have a connection time of 1h 40 will that be enough? I’m coming Heathrow-Denver-Las Vegas. Same airline

CRW : Disability - walking impaired Mar 10, '20 Comments: 0

Yeager Airport Parking

I am unable to park in short term or have anyone to drop me at the terminal. I have noticed a lot of questions about a shuttle? Is a shuttle needed? How far do I need to walk with my luggage? Is there any assistance for me as I will need to use my walker until I arrive for my ticket.

IAH : Currency Mar 10, '20 Comments: 0

Houston Intercontinental Airport Food, Shops, Services

Can we get Hungarian forint at currency exchanges in Bush Int’l?