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PDX : Do I have enough time? Jan 07, '19 Comments: 1

Portland Airport Gate Connections

Flying from Minneapolis to Manila with a 45 minute layover in PDX. I'm flying on Delta the whole way. Are all the gates for each airline together or are we going to have to go from one end of the airport to the other?
PDX doesn't seem to have an international terminal ( lists even a flight to Mexico leaving from a general gate). Even if you do have to get to a different terminal, it's not a huge airport. 45 minutes should be fine as long as the arriving flight isn't too late.

EZE : meeting point Jan 05, '19 Comments: 0

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport General Topics

Is there a good meeting point in terminal A at EZE

IAH : Handicap help from gate to hotel and back to gate Dec 27, '18 Comments: 0

Houston Intercontinental Airport Traveler Help

My sister is flying from Germany on January 14th 2019; unfortunately she has a broken foot that can not walk, she has special assistance in all her flights but has a layover of one night in Houston and next day will depart to Honduras (TGU) She needs a hotel that can provide special assistance that will pick her up and take it to the shuttle and back the next day. Please provide me with information in order to make the reservation at the hotel. Thank you.

ATL : International Arrivals Dec 23, '18 Comments: 0

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport Traveler Help

As an airline geek, Im curious which gates in the F concourse planes land, and which are used to international departures. I can' t see how people arriving to ATL go to custom inspections in the ATL map.

SDF : lost shoe Dec 21, '18 Comments: 0

Louisville Airport General Topics

I lost a shoe possibly in the airport on 12/20/18l. It is a small black boot with a high heel. It is a size 9, my number is 2145295321
krista olson

JFK : Connection time Dec 16, '18 Comments: 0

New York Kennedy Airport Traveler Help

I am travelling to Rome on two separate tickets both with Delta. Atlanta to JFK and then JFK to Rome. How much time do I need to allow to make the connection at JFK for the JFK to Rome flight? I assume upon arrival I will have to get my bags, change terminals and go thru security a second time.

YHM : Covered or Non covered Dec 14, '18 Comments: 0

Hamilton Airport Parking

I want to park our car for five weeks in January/February . What is the cheapest covered parking close to the airport?

LAX : where to feed a group of 70 at LAX T1 Dec 14, '18 Comments: 0

Los Angeles Airport Food, Shops, Services

Is there anywhere in the airport that can feed a large group?

DEN : International to Domestic Connection Dec 11, '18 Comments: 0

Denver Airport Gate Connections

First time at DEN! Arriving on Norwegian from London, connecting to Seattle on Alaska Airlines. 1 hr 35 minutes connection time. I'm a US citizen with a carry-on only, not checking-in a bag. Is connection time enough or may risk missing my connecting flight?

STL : access to different concourse Dec 02, '18 Comments: 0

Lambert St Louis Airport Gate Connections

I am flying out on AA but had a friend flying out of United. Can I still able to access United concourse with a same-day BP on AA?