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Flying home on Delta from Anchorage with Salmon. Jul 07, '19 Comments: 0

Airport Airlines & Baggage

What is the best way to fly back to Wyoming on Delta with Salmon fillets??? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks

MGM : Do you have a customs office. Jul 07, '19 Comments: 0

Montgomery Regional Airport General Topics

I was told that customs is holding a package of mine and they want $2000 to release it to me.. Do you have a customs officer there

SAT : Long term parking Jul 07, '19 Comments: 0

San Antonio Airport Parking

We fly out on July 27th and return on August 2nd. Where could we park and how much would it cost?

DFW : Close in parking Jul 07, '19 Comments: 0

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Parking

Departing Terminal A and returning terminal B. Best place to park close in?

ATL : Only 1 hr 15 min to change planes Jul 06, '19 Comments: 0

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport Gate Connections

I arrive Delta 1545 @ 4:15 pm. Connect with Delta 1620 Sarasota at5:30 pm. I am 75, need help transportation between gates if on different concourses. Can you help me?

SYR : Best Place for Temporary Parking Jul 06, '19 Comments: 0

Syracuse Hancock Airport Parking

I have to drop my minor off and want to walk her in. Where is the best location to park?

JAX : Bus transport to JAX Jul 05, '19 Comments: 0

Jacksonville Airport Ground Transport

I am coming from Lake City is there a bus that goes to the airport from Jacksonville

BOS : Arriving on an international flight connect domestic Jul 04, '19 Comments: 0

Boston Logan Airport Gate Connections

Arriving Delta/KLM international flight with a separate Delta domestic ticket. With one hour and forty-five minutes for the connection. I have Global Entry and TSA Pre. Is there enough time to recheck luggage and go back through security to make my domestic flight?

JFK : Can I make the connection? Jul 02, '19 Comments: 2

New York Kennedy Airport Gate Connections

My wife & I ( 67 & 70 years old) arrive at Terminal 4 Delta Fl. # 3815 at 7:19 pm. We fly out top Rome Italy on Delta Fl. # 444 Terminal 3 at 8:07 pm. Can I make the connection. My wife is disabled and can not walk fast. Can we catch a trolley or something else between terminals?
Terminal 3 does not exist anymore at JFK. You will fly out of Terminal 4, since that's where Delta international flights depart from. This should prevent you from walking long distances to catch your connection.
No - we just did this with a 90 minute layover and barely made it. We were very confused and had to ask directions multiple times - EXIT terminal and then walk along the road to the international terminal (No one mentioned air tram) Then had to go thru security again.

DFW : c28 to d37 Jul 02, '19 Comments: 0

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Gate Connections

How do I get from gate C28 to D37?