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I lost the belt for my pants at the security checkpoint #8 when I was preparing to board flight UA99 from Melbourne to Los Angeles. I took my belt off to send through security, and the rubber flaps on the x-ray machines brought my belt out of the bin, and the belt fell between the rollers and the rubber belt. I asked one of the employees, and he was unable to locate it. He said to file a missing item report, and he said I could fill it out online. I do not see the option, I live in the U.S.A., and online form would be better. The belt costs 18.00 US. The belt is brown with a silver buckle and it has two silver snaps by the clasp. The strap is 39 inches long, and it is an inch wide.

Could someone please let me know if there is an online form or an international number I could call concerning my lost item.

Thank you.
How do I get from the Memphis Greyhound Bus Terminal to downtown Memphis? Thanks
trying to exchange US currency to Euro's near FLL airport but i don't fly out until Friday from Miami bank will not guarantee i have the exchange by friday.
Can I take 2 laptops with me through central security ? I got my work one and my small personal one and want to know If I would be ok going through security
1/26/19 9am international flight TSA wait times
What are the busiest times for departures on Fridays?
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Can you carry and or use a portable oxygen concentrator?
We have an early flight out. What time does TSA screening begin in the morning?