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Flying in from the U.S. on April 24th, staying in Holland. We are supposed to meed a Viking River cruise rep in an arrival hall. Do we pick up our luggage first, or go through passport control first?
Passport control is first.
Here nah.. this thing for real???
please help me where i should contct to find my hat i lost in airport??
My wife cancelled her booking for a apr18flt but her credit card was charged still. How can the charged be reversed?
This is - you need to contact your airline.
hello i lost my passport at IND and i just received phone call that the department found my passport, so i called to the number that they showed, but nobody answered my phone call.
where should i call to receive my passport?
Thank You
Can I travel from Orlando (MCO) to ATL with a round or rectangular bakery cake?
That would not be a suitable carry-on item. Just buy a cake in Atlanta.
I have a friend flying from Auckland to Panama City onUnited. He has 3 hours between flights. Is that enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Please reply assoon as possible.
What airport?
John f Kennedy airport, New York
You have to leave security to do so but they are connected one stop apart by the AirTrain.
Thank you!
What if I have misplaced my parking ticket?

What is the bank name of the ATM near the information desk at the exit of the main terminal? There is also a change office by Bank Hapoalim there. So it's the information desk, then the Bank Hapoalim, and two atm machines (one is Hapoalim's and the other one is green)
I need the name of the green one. Thank you!
You didn't post what airport you're asking about.
Oh sorry about that, it's Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport
I am travelling from Saskatoon via YYZ to Athens in July. I have a 1 hour 18 minute layover in Toronto. Will this be enough time for me to pre=clear customs? Will I need to re-check my bag? I am flying with Air Canada.
There is no preclearance in Toronto if you are flying nonstop from Toronto to Athens. All you do on your way to Athens is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.