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I arrive at EWR at 4.50pm and need to catch an Amtrak train to DC by 6.50pm. Is there enough time to make connection? I know there is about 2 hrs in between connection but is this enough time through customs and getting to train station at EWR?
lost C-Pap in gray bag!!!! left in shuttle first run from port everglade!!! van was newer shiny blake had Gator wordage in mail box stickers black and gold!!!!! cant find number for service
emil to lost and found in Suvanaburmi Airport
Flying out Saturday at 7:00a . What time should we arrive at airport to check in ?
Where do Frontier flights from Cancun arrive and where is the closest short-term parking to meet my passenger?
If I purchase a salad at fast food place in airport, can I bring it through security to eat at my gate?
what happens if someone misses their flight and they're flying with another person on the same record?
What terminal does Southwest Airlines domestic use (Houston)?
What form of payments are accepted when you own Custom Duties on goods on your persons coming through customs from international travel?
I was there 2 years ago and found it confusing finding where customs was, it was busy.....wondering if there’s a Copa airport guide to find one’s way around to customs, thank you....