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Dear team
I have lost my phone at gate 3 in Phuket airport
Can let me know how to get in touch
I only know English

Hi I left my Samsung S8 Phone at the bar beside Gate 21 Terminal C on 8/24/18 at 8:45pm . Who do I speak with to find out if it was handed in.
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Helllo on 21st of september local time at 09:20 we had flight from Phuket to Dubai. We lost our mobile phone iphone 5S black one on the check point. Where we were coming through inside to be controlled our staffs. We take off anything while passing inside the X Ray and then we forgot to take it back. We want to reach the Airport lost and found office but we couldnt... If sb help us please🙏🏻
I am returning from L.A. connecting via Detroit (46 minute connecting time) back home to Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Do I clear customs in Detroit or when I arrive into Ottawa?
On July 15, 2018 my wife and I will be flying from RNO to PHX on American 5994, departs RNO 555 AM, arrives PHX 754 AM. We leave PHX for Jackson, WY on American flight 3041 at 820 AM. My wife has requested a wheelchair since she has a disability. Do we have enough time between arrival and departure to board flight 3041?
At what time should I arrive at the airport for a 7 a.m. departure?
How to get to gate C5 from A1E Shuttle or Areo Tram?
If a passenger arrives at McCarran on Sun Country Air at Terminal 3, an hour and a half prior to a friends arrival on Southwest at Terminal 1, what's the procedure to get to Terminal 1 to meet that arriving passenger/flight.
You can take a shuttle bus outside security from T3 to T1. It takes 15-20 minutes.
Already have reservation and want to confirm and print out tickets which seating is already assigned. How can I pre-board the ticketing?
Thank you for post!