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I was travelling from Delhi to dubai on 19th of February and lost my cabin bag at departure near row F. Please help me to get if you found please contact me via email or phone. My number is +971564047786.
I maybe lost my laptop near the gate E21 at the very end of the terminal (around some longchairs/Bedchairs) around 6pm The 19th of february !
Can you check please ?
I arrived at Beijing around 8am with the flight number CA910
To leave for HO chi minh at 8:20pm with the number CA903
Thanks for checking
Best regards
Krafft Victor
I have a flight from salt lake city to ALT. Do is have to go there the us border patrol when I land in ATL? Also can I travel foreign passport ?
There is no passport control when traveling on domestic flights. However, unless you have a US drivers license, you will have to show your passport to verify your identity to access the gate in Salt Lake City. Yes, you can travel within the US as much as you want under the terms of your visa.
I have an option of a flight from Cancun to DFW and then to Philadelphia. There is 1 hour 30 minutes. I have Global entry and will be checking a suitcase. Is this enough time for customs, changing terminal and get and returnin suitcases?
With global entry that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
What is the required time to clear customs and board a flight from Panama City Beach airport for flight to Atlanta with a final destination of Montreal, Canada
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. You just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate using the Plane Train.
Flying into CDG. Paris from JFK
Then connecting flight to Ireland
I have to pick up luggage at baggage claim. Do I have to go back thru security check and customs if both flights are at terminal 1
Yes, if you have to transfer bags yourself you will have to go through passport control and security.
We are flying into DCA for JAX on American 4364 tomorrow (2/15). We arrive at 9:27am in Terminal C, 35X. We depart to La Guardia on American 4753. DCA site simply notes "Terminal C". Any idea which gate we depart from so that we can determine if we are going to have enough time? Also, should we be worried about our luggage?
You won't know your exact gate until tomorrow. The connection is a bit risky but should be possible.
We recently joined TSA pre check. Is there a pre check line if we are flying Interjet from JFK to Cancun? Thanks
No. Interjet is not a Pre-check Participant.
We will be arriving on flight 1737 from Rome and connecting to LX 18 to Newark, NJ. We have a 45 minute connection time. Will we have enough time to make our connection?
What airline are you flying on the first flight? Also Swiss? Are you connecting in Zurich? If both of those things are the case you should have just enough time.
How much time would be needed from Terminal A TSA to grab a smoke?