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Flying into IAD United from Sacramento. Transferring to flight to Croatia on Lufthansa. Is that doable. How far is the domestic to the international.
There is no separate "Domestic" and "International". All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate if both flights are on the same reservation. You have enough time.
Is 90 mins enough time for checkin ryanair flight to barcelona
I forgot to mention in my prior question that I am on a domestic DL flight 2573 from Chicago to Atlanta and then will need to catch my international flight to Frankfurt (DL 14)in the new terminal. There is only 40 minutes allowed. What if the domestic flight is late? Do they ever hold an international flight for a few minutes for a late arriving passenger?
That's enough time if everything goes smoothly. Usually they don't hold flights for passengers.
Thanks a lot!! I think my daughter and I got our wires crossed and I thought I was flying through Detroit with a 2 hour layover which would be much better. May have to redo things. DRAT!!
Eurowings arrives 14.20 and we need to travel on to Konigswinter. Where do we find train station.
What airport.
Oops! Should have said we arrive at Dusseldorf airport.
Here is all you would want to know about that:
Thankyou for that information.
My departure time is 2:25 with Westjet, what time should I arrive at Stanfield Airport in Enfield
1:15 for a domestic flight. 12:30 for a transborder or international flight.
I have a Monday morning flight out of Vegas at 9:30 on American Airlines. I have a lay over in Charlotte and then to Paris. Is this a domestic flight because it's to Charlotte or an international flight because it's just a layover on the way to Paris. I am not checking bags. Should I be there 1 1/2 hours early or 2? Thank you!
It's a domestic flight.
We have TSA precheck and have a 7:30 am domestic flight on Delta from JFK tomorrow. What time do we need to arrive at the airport? We did online check in but will need to drop off our bags.
With checked bags I would still try to get there around 6 AM.
Thank you!
I have TSA precheck and a 7:30 am domestic flight on Delta. What time do I need to get to the airport?
I arrive from San Fransisco on Korean Air. I transfer to another Korean Air to connect to Yangon. How long is the transfer time from one gate to the other? Do I need to go to another terminal?
Is there a International currency exchange in ATL.. US to Euro?
Yes, they have them in the International Terminal, although they may not be the best rates.