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We have TSA precheck and have a 7:30 am domestic flight on Delta from JFK tomorrow. What time do we need to arrive at the airport? We did online check in but will need to drop off our bags.
With checked bags I would still try to get there around 6 AM.
Thank you!
I have TSA precheck and a 7:30 am domestic flight on Delta. What time do I need to get to the airport?
I arrive from San Fransisco on Korean Air. I transfer to another Korean Air to connect to Yangon. How long is the transfer time from one gate to the other? Do I need to go to another terminal?
Is there a International currency exchange in ATL.. US to Euro?
Yes, they have them in the International Terminal, although they may not be the best rates.
Where is the best meeting place for guests arriving into different terminals. We will not have phone or email available
What airport?
How early should I arrive at the airport for my departure flight
What airport? Where are you going? What airline? what time of day?
where to buy sim card at pudong Airport ,i arrive at T2. THnx
Trying to find out my gate numbers in advance.
You won't know your gate numbers until the day of your flight, and even then they are subject to change.
Flight out of BOS is at 6:00am. How early should we arrive for this flight? We are flying american airlines from BOS to PHL for a layover and then to Saint Maarten (SXM).
4:30 AM, maybe a little earlier.
Is it ok to lock bags using custom locks ?
Always use TSA approved locks for baggage.