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i am flying from memphis to atlata ,terminal S and the connecting flight is to paris,terminal I,and have only 30 min to catch the flight and am fying by delta
You will not arrive in Terminal S and depart from Terminal I. You actually will arrive in one of Atlanta's several domestic concourses and depart from concourse E/F. The Plane train connects all concourses within security. You will have enough time if your first flight is on-time and you hurry.
is 30 minutes enough to catch a connecting international flight .i will be flying by delta airlines
What airport are you connecting at? Where are you connecting from?
i am flying from memphis ,terminal S and the connecting flight is to paris from terminal I and i have only 30 minutes to catch the connecting flight.i am flying by delta ,so is the time enough
Never - 30 minutes is way too tight and I'm not even sure how you would get that connection as in the airline ticketing world, it's not even a 'legal connection'. (coming from an experienced Travel Mgr)
I'm flying from Heathrow to Newark to Panama City. I have 1hr30 layover and I've checked to see what the regular terminals are for those flights and they are both in C. I was just wondering if this was enough time? What should I expect to have to do once I've landed (I've never done a connecting flight before) and will it make a difference that I have a dual citizenship for the UK and US?
When you arrive you will go through US immigration, claim your bag, go through customs, then re-check your bag at the recheck desk. Then you go upstairs and go back through security. You should have enough time (barely). You will have an easier time if you use your US passport.
I want to make sure I hit the highest level of status possible this year. I missed 100k flyer by just a few miles last year and regretted it. Is there a web site that would show me fares that use the max number of miles for the route? For ex., I flew from Chicago to London in May and connected through Houston, which really boosted my numbers for the trip (same cost as direct). If I can modify my route for 2-3 trips like that I could hit my numbers without a worry. Any ideas?
Not really, some people like SkyScanner but it's not really set up specifically for mileage runs. usually shows a ton of options for flights that require a connection. If you're in Chicago, perhaps start and end your trips in Milwaukee instead and it will show you more options.
Hi I am arriing at Terminal 3 FCO Rome from Doha at 7pm, and departing Florence on Alitalia from Terminal 1 at 9.25 pm.Do I have enough time to go to the Luggage Hold at ground Level of International Arrivals and deposit my 2 bags for hold and catch my flight which includes check in and security.Also returnng back after 2 days from Florence by Alitalia at terminal 1, at 8.15am, and take a flight from terminal 3 at 10.30 am, but need to pick the luggage from luggage hold and than go to terminal 3 for check in and security etc.Do I have enough time both ways.All advises will be highly appreciated.Thanks
On arrival at FCO, at Terminal 3 (T3) you will need to go through 'Non-Schengen' passport control, then proceed to get your bags & take them to the Handling Agent's office for safe-keeping; then proceed (if you don't have a boarding pass yet) to check in with Alitalia, go to the departures level and security check, and thereafter follow signs to (Terminal 1) 'Boarding Area B' (gates B1-30). 2.5 hrs transfer time can be very tight as this is now high tourist season. year.
Thanks a lot, what about part 2 of my question, returning back from Florence to Rome.Kindly advise
Arriving IAD at 7.40 pm With United Airlines from London (Dec 21st), departure 9.50 pm With United Airlines to Orlando, would the layover 2 hours and 10 minutes be enough to get through customs, recheck luggage tec.
It should be enough time. Immigration will be pretty empty that late.
I arrive in Terminal 2 (gate F7) and am scheduled to depart from gate B14 in Terminal 1, 40 minutes later. If flights are on time is that sufficient time to make the connection?
What airport? ORD? If so that's enough time if your first flight is on-time and you don't waste any time.
Yes, ORD. Thank you
I will be arriving on US Air Flight US0571 with carry on luggage only landing at 10:30 a.m. I will be transferring to Delta Flt. 183 departing at noon to Osaka, Japan. I'm disabled and have requested help from US Air to make my connection. Do I have to go through security again? Customs?
That depends on which Airport you arrive at and if the two airlines are in different terminals. I suggest you open - enter your airport, then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.
You ill not have to go through customs in Seattle. The wheelchair assistance person should be able to assist you with your connection.
Can i get from a delta flight to an easy jet flight in 2 hours or do I have to go back out and go thru security? Is there a place within the terminal to check in for the easy jet flight? flying next monday on a standby flight
Which Airport?
Probably not on a domestic flight. Possible if returning to the country on an international flight.