I went through SDF security on Sunday evening, March 15, around 4:45 pm, on the way to gate B16. I lost my license somewhere along the way. Did anyone turn it in? It is a Virginia state license.
Returning from Mexico - What are realistic expectations for going through Customs at DIA. How long is the wait? I can not find anything on this or DIA website regarding passengers returning to the US from outside the lower 48.
Does anyone know the location of the TSA offsite location at BWI. I have an appointment and directions were not sent to my email as requested. Thanks
We have a 5:40am flight with boarding starting at 5am. What time does security open at RSW ?
What terminal(s) security take TSA Pre check only at PHL?
I will be flying SouthWest on a Tuesday afternoon on a 2:00pm flight, I believe that means I will be flying out of terminal 2. Is there TSA pre-check in terminal 2, and how long are typically are security lines?
I flew out of IAD 01-17-20 and right before entering security I was stopped and told I could get thru there quick to answer few questions. I also had to give CC# , so this needs to be cancelled before payments are taken out
There is only one day when I can schedule an appointment for my Global Entry interview. Does Global Entry ever take walk in appointments? If so, which days? Is there some way I can call and check before coming to the airport for a walk in appointment, since I live far away. Thanks!
St Thomas CSA is a disgrace to the USA. It is run like a third world country. They have no clue what the rules are. I am a US Citizen and could not believe how uninformed and arrogant they all were. It’s as if they have never heard of TSA Precheck or Global Entry. Felt like flying through Venezuela.
what form of id is riquired when flying within the united states.
I forgot my iPad at the norwegian domestic security around 11am today (2/10/2020). If someone has it, please return it to lost and found!