I am traveling Thursday June 27th and have a 6:00 PM flight (Term 5 ORD). I took the same flight 3 weeks ago. The TSA wait time was two hours. Is this typical?
Taking a domestic flight into Newark and then a flight to UK.via United. Will we have to go thru security again or is there a method for staying in secure areas to transfer from terminal a to terminal c?. Also is a two hour layover a long enough time to get between the two? Thanks
I have an exchange studen tleaving Tuesday, could I wait at the gate with her?
What time should you be at security for a 5am depature to mexico
I had surgery and I now have a plate pins and screws in my ankle what does that mean for me going through security? Will I have a problem?
Id needed if under 18 and have no picture ID
Has a black drawstring Eddie Bauer Bag that has a grey travel neck pillow been turned in
What ID is required to fly out of St. Thomas?
I forgot my black cell phone in the security bin while in the check ion line # 4 at 1:50 pm on June7. When came back in 10 minutes, they said that nobody between them saw it. It was obvious that they took it
I am wearing backless silver earrings that are difficult to remove. Will I need to remove them in order to pass thru TSA Checkpoint?