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Am flying out of DUB on Delta with KLM flight thru AMS. I check in at Terminal 1 in AMS. Do I then go to Terminal 2 to go thru U.S. customs??
I am flying back to the US from Delhi on Delta Code Share Flights with 2.5 hour connection. When I arrive in AMS do i need to claim my checked bag and then proceed through security? Flights are DL7535 and DL73
You don't have to do anything with your checked bags. Just go through security and to your departure gate.
I recently got married do I need my marriage certificate with my ID if I didn't change my ID yet
Does the name on your ID match the name on your reservation? If it doesn't, you'll have to bring your marriage certificate. If it does then you're fine.
Hello. I arrive on Alaska Airlines from SEA at gate A10 at 2pm. I have to catch a flight on Lufthansa at gate G101 at 305 pm. Checking no bags. Do I have to go through security again? Thanks.
Yes, you have to walk across the International Terminal lobby and go through security again in G. You have barely enough time.
Which form must I complete when declaring funds over $10000 euros please
You need to go through the red lane when you arrive in Amsterdam if you are entering the EU with over 10000 Euro and go to the Office Tax Refund / VAT Refund desk if you are leaving the EU with over 10000 Euro and Amsterdam is your point of entry/exit.
Going from Yeg, layover in AMS then to ALC. when do I go through customs? My luggage will be tagged to final destination
You will go through Schengen Entry passport control in Amsterdam.
Flying from US to Marseilles via CDG Paris. Will I have to clear customs and immigration in Paris and Marseilles? Both flights are Air France
You will go through Passport control in Paris.
Hi, I will be flying to PIT from Malaysia. My first port of entry will be ORD. My transit time in ORD will be 2 hours. will it be enough time for me ?understand that I have to go through the custom and TSA processed once I reached ORD
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly and it's all on the same reservation.
I'm flying from Vancouver to San Francisco to LA with only an hour layover between flights. Will I go through Customs in Vancouver and be ok in San Francisco layover or do I need to go through Customs in San Fran and risk missing the flight?

Also coming back, I go from LAX-San Fransisco-Portland-Vancouver with again an hour layover between flights. When do I clear Customs for Canada?

All flights are connecting flights with United.
Yes, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. All you have to do in San Francisco is go from your arrival gate. On the return you will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in vancouver.
Hi Everyone, I'm traveling EWR to LAX and purchased the Priority Security and Boarding. Does anyone know if I will need to remove shoes, etc.?
Yes, you will, Priority security is just the regular procedures with a different line.