Incheon Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Parking Choices & Fees:

Short-term parking in the Terminal: The short-term parking lots are located on the 1st and 3rd floors, to be used for cars only. To get to the passenger terminal, use the passageways on both the ground level and underground levels. For cars only. Maximum car height 2.1m. Fees:
First 30 mins - 1,200 Won
each add'l 25 mins - 600 Won, up to
daily max (24 hrs) - 12,000 Won.

Long-term Parking: The parking lot is divided into car, bus, taxi and long-term parking (outdoors) sections. To get to the arrival level at the passenger terminal you can take one of the airport shuttle buses which run every 8 to16 mins between the parking lot and the arrivals level, 1st floor. Fees:
Each hr - 1,000 Won, up to
daily max (24 hrs) - 8,000 Won, up to day 5;
from Day 6 onwards - 50% of parking fees apply.

Long-term Cargo Terminal Parking:
Each hr - 1,000 Won, up to
daily max (24 hrs) - 8,000 Won, up to day 5;
from day 6 onwards - 50% of parking fee apply.

Valet Parking: Valet Parking is available at the eastern stops, or drop-off points, on the 3rd floor at the passenger terminal. Open 6am-11pm, but can accommodate off-hour parking if you call them. Valet parking service fees must be prepaid, and parking fees will be charged when you leave. Airport Valet Services Tel: 82-32-743-5555/6, or 82-32-743-0123/6. Fees:
Each hr - 1,000 Won; each day 8,000 Won; 50% off after 6th day.

Payment Methods: By credit cards (KEB, BC, Kookmin, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, AMEX, JCB, VISA etc.).
Two payment options are available:
1. On entrance use the Automatic Parking Ticket Machine & park your car; use Boarding; on exit use manned toll booth at Unpaid Car exit. Or: Pa at machine & exit within 20 mins of payment; cash/credit accepted; use Boarding; on exit use Payment Completed Car exit.
2. On entrance use San Transportation Card & park your car; use Boarding; on exit use the manned toll booth Payment Completed Car & scan transportation card.

For more information on Parking Lots, call 82-32- 741-7700

Incheon ( ICN ) Airport Parking Map

Incheon ICN airport parking map

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