New Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

General Parking: 

The Parking is situated about 100 meters from the terminal & opposite the Departure Terminal (T1D).
Parking Guidance System MLCP is equipped with The Parking Guidance System, based primarily on the use of message / signs to give users the information regarding parking slot availability. PGI systems are designed to quickly search for vacant parking spaces by directing drivers to locations where occupancy levels are low. Parking Guidance System uses display panels posted on approach roads to inform the driver about the parking spaces that are still available. The display panels with the enhanced changeable information gateway, which display information regarding the direction and parking space availability for individual car parks or particular bays (red light above bay indicates ‘occupied’ & green light indicates ‘available’) or zone or levels.
Benefits of Guidance System Increased Space Utilization Improved Traffic Flow Customer Satisfaction Detailed Management Information Reduced Fuel Wastage & Emissions Reduced Traffic Congestion MLCP has Centralized Pay Stations on each level: Centralized Pay Station and Parking Guidance System to give easier and convenient usage to customers. Benefits of Centralized Pay station Customer exiting time decreased dramatically Reduces pollution Reduces over head costs Utilizes human resources more efficiently Eliminate long queue, improving customer satisfaction

New Delhi Indira Gandhi ( DEL ) Airport Parking Map

New Delhi Indira Gandhi DEL airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near New Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport ( DEL )