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IST : suitcases missing Jan 18, '19 Comments: 0

Istanbul Ataturk Airport Traveler Help

I am concerned that my two suitcases were not rerouted with my change in tickets are are stuck at the airport in Istanbul. Is there someone who can search for two bags with the tags AS-44-73-28 and AS-44-73-29. The suitcases have been missing five days now. Please help. They were supposed to go to Almaty airport. My USA phone number is 503-676-6680. Thanks!

IST : Tadında Anadolu Nov 08, '14 Comments: 0

Istanbul Ataturk Airport Food, Shops, Services

After flying for 18 hours and landing in Istanbul Ataturk Airport we were tired and our 7 year old was starving. We chose to eat at Tadinda Anadolu and were greeted by the rudest girl who was behind the counter. She was rolling her eyes and serving customers that arrived after us very impatient and extremely bitchy. Our Turkish is limited and she made the point of telling us that she didn't understand us....maybe because we aren't Turkish! Anyway would never eat there again. Great food but disgusting customer service. One would think staff in a Tadinda Anadolu would know that working in an INTERNATIONAL terminal means people from ALL OVER the world may walk into your restaurant.

IST : Tidbit Mar 22, '11 Comments: 0

Istanbul Ataturk Airport General Topics

The old airport is where they filmed Midnight Express!