JFK Airport - New York Kennedy Airport ( New York , NY )


John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK is the State of New York's primary international airport - serving the City of New York with its five Boroughs. In the last few years it has made extensive improvements to terminals, roadways and inter-terminal transportation. JFK airport also replaced their inter-terminal buses with the AirTrain, a light rail transit system, offering fast connections to NYC subways and train systems throughout the tri-state areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  

Kennedy Airport is located in New York City's Borough of Queens - at its southeastern section on Jamaica Bay - about 12 miles from lower Manhattan - and  accessible via I-678 (Van Wyck Expressway); 878 Nassau Expressway and the Belt Parkway.

With four long runways and 60 million passengers in 2017, John F. Kennedy International Airport is a hub for American, Delta, & JetBlue airlines, and is served by most national and international airlines, offering direct and connecting flights to all points on the globe. 

The on-Airport Ramada Plaza Hotel (Building 144) is a convenient venue for overnight stays (Tel: 718-995-9000). To get to other nearby hotels, take the AirTrain to the Federal Circle station for free shuttles.

The Central Terminal Area (CTA) of Kennedy Airport has six passenger terminals  which surround the inner parking facilities of the circle - in the center of which are both JFK Expressway & Van Wyck Expressway. Drivers arriving by car from Van Wyck Expressway will turn left for Terminal 8, and right to Terminals 1 & 2; drivers arriving from JFK Expressway will turn right to Terminal 8, left to Terminals 7 & 5.  T1, T2, T4, T5, T7 & T8 are connected by the Airline Terminals Train & the Airtrain. (For terminal details open 'Terminal Map' and scroll down to the deailed text; for Parking facilities and fees open 'Parking Map'; for Transportation open 'Transport'/ 'Buses, Trains'.)

Arriving Delta Passengers continuing their journey on Delta  may use one of its three shuttle routes to transfer between Terminals T4 & T2 - located at B18 & B54 gates; while 2 passengers needing to get to T4 will use the shuttle located at C60.  Shuttles are marked accordingly and take between 2 and 6 minutes.

NOTE: New York Kennedy airport now uses face recognition technology to match a person’s face to their passport photo.

Present & Future Airport Developments:
 Under the $1.2B expansion Project of T4, phases 1 and 2 have already been completed. 
 - New Hotel: JFK's Saarinen/ TWA Flight Center is to be transformed into a luxury 'TWA Flight Center Hotel'  with 505 rooms,. The current landmark is to become the hotel's lobby with planned museum (focusing on New York City as birthplace of intercontinental travel in the Jet Age). The hotel is to house a huge meeting space, dining facilities and observation deck.  Tentative completion is scheduled for 2018.
 - Terminal 4: Modernization of security operations center project at T4, undertaken by the Thales company, is to improve terminal operations - to be completed by 2020.
 - Terminal 5:  'Airmall' concessions operator of T5 intends to make considerable investments, and to continue upgrading unique and local New-York-inspired offerings.  (To offer travelers some 'green space' - JetBlue Airways, in collaboration with GrowNYC, is building a 24,000 sq.feet 'farm' for organic veggetables - to be used by Terminal 5's retaurants.)
 - Roads /Runway:  A $10B renovation plan to be completed between late 2018 & 2020 includes: ongoing road access improvements and later Runway upgrades of 4R/22L & 13L/31R.

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