New York Kennedy Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

CellPhone Lot: To pick someone up at JFK -use free Cell Phone Lot waiting area, located near the airport entrance, offthe Van Wyck Expressway. All terminals are reachable from this lot in less than5 minutes. The lot, with over 70 spaces, allows drivers to wait until theirarriving passengers have disembarked the aircraft, collected their baggage andare ready to be picked up. The JFK Cell Phone Lot not only provides aconvenient place to wait for arriving flights, but also keeps traffic on theairport moving smoothly. Drivers must stay with their vehicles at all times.There is no parking or waiting allowed on the airport roadways at anytime. 

Kiss and Fly: Another alternative toyour dropping someone off at the airport, Kiss & Fly is located at theAirTrain JFK Lefferts Boulevard Station where AirTrain service is free andtravelers arrive at their terminal in just minutes. 

JFK Valet Parking: The Valet ParkingLot is conveniently located at the Lefferts Boulevard AirTrain Station. Dropoff your vehicle at the lot and get free AirTrain service to your terminal inminutes. Valet Parking at JFK is safe and secure. When you return, your vehiclewill be waiting for you. Fees: First 24 hrs or part thereof - $24; Each 12-hrperiod thereafter $12. 

Long-Term Parking Lot at LeffertsBlvd., approx. 4 miles from Terminals 1 to 9. For directions, see""Directions to Long-Term Parking Lot"" below. Fees:
Up to 24 hrs - $18; each 8-hr period thereafter- $6. 

Off-site Long term parking with Shuttles that charges $9/dayand offers a advanced reservation online

Short-Term Daily Parking - "CTA Parking Lots" - marked by Green, Blue, Yellow,Orange and Red -adjacent to Terminals 1 - 9.

Fees: Green, Orange and Red Garages
First 30 mins - $4; up to 1 hr - $8; Each add'lhr - $4, up to Daily max (24 hrs) - $35.

Fees: Blue and Yellow Garages
First 30 mins - $5; up to 1 hr - $10; Each add'lhr - $5, up to Daily max (24 hrs) - $39.

Persons with Disabilities: There area limited number of reserved parking spaces. Designated spaces are located ineach parking lot near the terminal entrance. Official disabled license platesor other official permits issued by a municipality or state of residence mustbe prominently displayed in order to park in these reserved spaces. The fee fordisabled parkers is listed below. Fees:
First 24 hrs or part thereof - $18; Each 8-hrperiod thereafter - $6 

Payment Method: by E-ZPass Plus, Cash(U.S. currency), check (in U.S. currency), MasterCard, Visa, American Expressand Discover Card are accepted for payment of parking fees.


New York Kennedy ( JFK ) Airport Parking Map

New York Kennedy JFK airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near New York Kennedy Airport ( JFK )