New York Kennedy Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up an arriving passenger at JFK Airport, use the free Cell Phone Lots located near the Airport entrances--just off both the Van Wyck and the JFK Expressways. (All the terminals can be accessed from these lots in less than 5 minutes. The lots allows drivers to wait in their car until their arriving passengers have arrived, collected their baggage and call to be picked up at the curb. Alternatively, park in the short-term lot or the nearest garage to the terminal.

A Kiss & Fly Station is on Aqueduct Road - reached from Belt Parkpay (exit 19; or from South Conduit Ave., Exit 18b, and from Van Wyck Expressway from Exit C, or from Lefferts Blvd. (The Air Train Lefferts Blvd. Station is across from it.)

The Howard Beach Station AirTrain
runs from 6am-11pm between the Central Terminal Area and Long-term Parking Station A or B every 4-8 minutes, and between 11pm-6am every 12 minutes. Getting from Station A or B to the Central Terminal Area takes about 8 minutes. Allow at least 30 minutes to reach your terminal.

Electric vehicle charging Stations: The yellow Lot by Terminal 5, on ground level has 5 station. Access it with an RFID-enabled credit card or Chargepoint access card. Electricity is free. Chargers can charge vehicle from empty to full charge in 12-24 hrs at level 1 with 115V), and 4-6 hrs at level 2 with 240V.   To sign up for access open

Parking options & fees at Kennedy Airport including Long- & Short-term parking, and parking in the Central Terminal Area (CTA):
    Short-term /Daily Parking Garages (Green, Orange & Red) - located next to Terminals 1 - 8):
Fees:  First & second half hrs $4 each; each add'l half hr $4, up to 24 hrs - daily max $35
    Short-term /Daily Parking Garages (Blue & Yellow) - located adjacent to T1 through T8.
Fees:  First and second half hr $5 each, each add'l half hr $5, up to 24 hrs - daily max $39
    Long-term Economy Parking Lot located at Lefferts Blvd., 4 miles from Terminals 1-8 -  reached by AirTrain.
Fees:  First  24 hrs $18;  thereafter each 8-hr period $6.
    ADA parking is in designated areas of each parking lot, near the terminal entrance.
Fees: Each half hour $4, up to daily max $18.

Payment Options:

E-ZPass Plus Cash/Credit card
is available in the Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Long-Term Lots.
Express Pay parking machines are in all of the central terminal area parking lots, AirTrain JFK stations, and more.
For continuous parking update call (718) 244-4080. For more parking information 718-244-4168

Gas Station and more:  The 5.75 acre new JFK Travel Plaza - accessible from the Belt Parkway, JFK Expressway & other entrances - offers a Sunoco gas station with high-speed diesel fueling & car wash, E85 compressed natural gas & Tesla superchargers, car repair,  public truck parking facility, 4 fast-food outlets, banking, 24/7 dry cleaning pickup/ dropoff,  WiFi & flight info display screens.

New York Kennedy ( JFK ) Airport Parking Map

New York Kennedy JFK airport parking map

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