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Business Services at New York Kennedy JFK Airport

Business Services available at JFK's terminals:

Travelex / Currency Exchange Services

  At T1:near gate 61;  at Arrivals West and at Departures West gates 1-3.
  At T2: near gate 61.
  At T4: Travelex - at Arrivals Hall, at gates A4, B22, B32, at Retail Halls East & West & at Marketplace
  At T5: post-security at Marketplace
  At T7: pre-security at Arrivals; at gates 1-2 & food court.
  At T8: at Arrivals level, pre-security, and at gates 4 & 8 and the corridor to Conc. C.
  At T1: Air France: near gate 1, Lufthansa: post-scurity to the left.
  At T4: Air India at B gates, Delta Sky Club at gate B32; Emirates Lounge at gate A4; Virgin Atlantic Lounge at gate A5; Wing Tips Lounge at end of Concourse A.
  At T7: Concorde Lounge near gate 1.
Charging Stations:
  at T1 at Welcome Center &  gates 5, 7, 8
  at T2 at Welcome Center, outside of Arrivals
  at T4: at Welcome Center, outside of Arrivals & at all gates;
  at T7: at Arrivals Hall & Welcome center & at gates 6, 7, 8, 11, 12.
  at T8: at Welcome Center outside of Arrivals.
  at T1: at gate 3 (kiosk) & 6
  at T4 at gates A2 & B24 & at Retail Hall West.
  at T7 at post-security Retail Hall

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