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Hello Sir / Madam,
Appreciate if you can confirm that when somebody gets off the flight he will be able to access the wifi before immigration check. This is required since the mobile operator will not provide the access.
my bag left on the 30 apr at 5 pm.its have my name with emirates red colour tag.bag name noutica its on the handle.until now i did not recive my cell num 7340004 .please send to bermuda
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So I am arriving at JFK Terminal 1 at 9pm flying with Korean air. And I have another flight to watch the next day at 9am with Delta either T2/T4.. Is there any waiting places or a place to catch some sleep around T4?
Is there an area for smoking near Terminal 4 ??
Turkish Air flight arriving 10:50a on a Tuesday at Terminal 1.
What's the average time to get through immigration and customs?
Is the time any shorter if only going through with carry-on (no checked bags)?
Will Mobile Passport app help at this terminal?
Where can I buy Sim card in JFK?
Kindly let us know if there is any solution available for the airlines to suppport cash collection from the Airport. Currently we are availing services from Garda but we are not happy with their services.
This is not the airport's website.