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Turkish Air flight arriving 10:50a on a Tuesday at Terminal 1.
What's the average time to get through immigration and customs?
Is the time any shorter if only going through with carry-on (no checked bags)?
Will Mobile Passport app help at this terminal?
Where can I buy Sim card in JFK?
Kindly let us know if there is any solution available for the airlines to suppport cash collection from the Airport. Currently we are availing services from Garda but we are not happy with their services.
This is not the airport's website.
Hi, I'll be arriving from Argentina to Terminal 8 at 7:27 AM, and leaving the same day, from the same Terminal, for London at 22:20.
I want to know if it's worth the money and trouble to leave my suitcase at the baggage storage and take the AirTrain+A line to spend the day in Manhattan. And if so, how long would I be able to stay there/when should I be taking the subway back to the airport, to be on time and not worry about missing my flight.
Thank you!
Has JFK implemented the new TSA rule to have all electronic items larger than cell phones to be removed from carryons and scanned separately similar to notebooks or laptops? Had heard this was a pilot program in some airports but not sure if it has been implemented at JFK. Anyone's experience and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Hi, I was wondering if there is any problem with clearance of small drone with video (Dji Spark mini drone) at security checkpoint on international flights.
My daughter and I will be landing at JFK with 8 large cases as she is relocating there. We will definitely need help with our luggage, does anyone know if we can pre-book a porter? I've been googling it and can't find any information on this? I'd be grateful for any information, many thanks.
Hi, do you happen to know what the most busy time at immigration at JFK is?
That depends on the terminal, but in most terminals it is early-mid afternoon.
I am flying in from Japan and flying out to Taiwan the same day, is 3 hours enough time to make it my flight? Do I have to go thru customs and them security again or can I just go to the gate I need for my next flight?
What airlines are you flying?
ANA Airline 9am arrival then EVA Airline 1245pm departure
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly. You will have to go through US Immigration and customs, then change terminals to Terminal 1, check in with EVA, and go through security.
Hi folks! On July 30th (Sunday) I will be landing at JFK T8 at 1:40PM from Milan, and departing at 11:25PM from the same terminal to Lima. The question is: do you think I have enough time to spend a couple of hours in Manhattan? And, based on your experience and on the average flights delay, at what time will I realistically be downtown if I'm supposed to land at 1:40PM? Thanks!
Btw, I will obviously have to store my luggage at T8 luggage storage as well.
Yes, that should be enough time. I think you could be in Manhattan at about 4-5 PM. You'd need to leave to go back to the airport at like 8 PM. So maybe not worth it for 3-4 hours.
Thanks ZAP. Do you think it might be unsafe to book a 5PM show in downtown Manhattan? Again, I'm landing at 1:40PM supposedly at JFK T8 on a Sunday. Thanks.