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JFK Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am arriving on flight 214 from Atlanta for connecting flight 206 to Shannon Ireland on 5/21/2019. The lay over time is only 56 min. Is this enough time to transfer to terminal 4 and make the connecting flight?
I fly into JFK from Hou. Arrive 3:37. Aer Lingus flight leaves for Dublin at 5:20. Same terminal. Separate ticket. Can I make it?
Will arrive on AA from Chat Is 3 hours enough time?tanooga in Terminal 8 and then go to Terminal 5 on separate ticket (tour to Ireland via Aer Lingus).
Hi, is 1:50 enough time to make a connection arriving on Latam probably at T8 and leaving on Alaska at T7? Traveling only with a carry on but I'm not a US citizen
I connect from Terminal 5 (Jet Blue - domestic) to Terminal 1 (Aeroflot- international), and have 1:33 (same ticket). If my flights are on time, should that be enough, or not, and what is the best way to get from Terminal 5 to Terminal 1? Thank you.
Arriving on Royal Air Maroc at 7PM and have a Delta flight with departure of 8:15PM on Sunday. Will I have enough time to get to next flight? How long will it take me to get between terminals? Is there a train or how do people get from Royal Air Maroc to Delta?
There is an AirTrain that you can take between terminals. Did you book these flights on one or two separate tickets?
Tight connection (50 min) through JFK from Minneapolis to Spain. Delta operates both legs, its on one ticket. Carry-on only. Are all Delta flights in one/the same terminal? Is it enough time if it's the same terminal, and I don't have to do anything but get off the plane and go to the next gate.
Delta uses both T2&T4 at JFK.Your flight to Spain will likely leave from T4.If you arrive @T4, you can walk to your next gate.If you arrive @T2, take the Jitney shuttle near gate C60-it will take you to T4 without having to reclear security.In both,you should have enough time to connect in 50 mins.
Hi. I have an hour and 45 minutes to make the connection from Terminal 4 domestic to Terminal 7 international. Will I make it? Carry on, no checked baggage.
You should be able to make it if your inbound is on time. You will have to walk quickly if you arrive at the far end of Terminal 4, though.
thank you.
I need to move terminals by air train,all carry on,preprinted boarding pass but worry about security line wait times. Arriving Delta 7:15am and departing Alaska 9am. Both over 65, if that helps or not. Will we make it?
Alaska airlines recommends you be at the terminal 1 hour prior to departure. This will ensure you have enough time to pass security and get to your gate in Terminal 7. I think it is doable to get from your arrival gate to the T7 Airtrain station in 45 minutes, but will be a bit difficult if you arrive from the far end of T4 (Gate B40 or higher). In that case, take the Jitney bus from the stop near gate B54, and it will take you all the way to the beginning of T4 near gate B20, allowing you to get to the Airtrain stop quicker.
Thanks so much for this advice!
Arriving JetBlue, with connection to Turkish Air, to IST, then on to appears I arrive terminal 5, transfer to Terminal 1, I assume my baggage checked through, one carry on..what is the transfer time between term 5 and 1..easy access to the tram?
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