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JFK Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying from Boston to Moscow through JFK, and have a 2.5 hour connection (10:30 p.m. to 00:50 a.m.). Tickets are separate (JetBlue and Aeroflot). I am worried about making it to the second flight on time. Is this enough time if I go with carry-on luggage only? What are my chances if I also take cheched baggage?
With carry-on only and if you can print boarding passes from home, you should be able to make the connection. With waiting to claim and check bags, you will have a low likelihood of making the connection unless your flight lands early. At least you are flying late at night so security lines should be shorter. Keep in mind with separate tickets, airlines are not obligated to rebook you if your inbound is significantly delayed, so a longer layover is much safer.
Thank you very much!
I am flying From BUF to LHR on Delta/Virgin and I only have a 53 min connection time. Im hoping the gates are close by in case of any delays, also Im always worried about my bags making it on such short connections, anyone with experience of this connection please comment, greatly appreciated.
My mother-in-law is elderly and has problems with memory. She also speaks very broken English. She will be flying from Buffalo, NY to JFK on Jet Blue. She will then be retrieving her bags in baggage claim (we have someone who will assist her to baggage). From baggage she is going to have to navigate getting to terminal 4, checking in with Serbian Airlines, and finding her terminal. I'm very concerned that she may have difficulty doing this on her own. Please let me know if you have any advice. Thank you ~
Once she arrives at the Serbian Airlines check in desk, she can request assistance to get to her gate, so that should not be a big concern. She will likely be on her own while switching terminals though. The steps to connect from Terminal 5 to T4 are pretty straightforward and well-signed (If she can read English, she should be fine): From baggage claim take the escalators up a few levels following signs to the "Airtrain." There will be a long hallway with moving walkways to the T5 Airtrain station. Take the Yellow "All Terminals" Train (NOT Howard Beach/ Jamaica). Terminal 4 is the immediate next stop, where she will exit and take escalators up to the check in area. From there she can request assistance from a check in agent to hopefully guide her to the gate and help with boarding if need be. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for your thorough and thoughtful advice.
She arrived safely! :)
I'm glad to hear that!
we arrive at 3:45 on Luftansa. we have global entry but we need to claim our bags. we need to get to Delta for a domestic flight for a 6:15 departure or we can depart JFK the next morning. Delta is a separate booking.
2.5 hours on an international to domestic, separate ticket connection is not advisable. In the best of circumstances, you could make it, but if your inbound is delayed, Delta is not obligated to protect you on another flight.
I have flight from Kansas City to LGA that arrives at 2:15pm on a Saturday. Do I have enough time to get to JFK to catch a flight to Milan that leaves at 5:45pm. The flight is on Delta. flight from KC to NYC is on South West.
You should have enough time if your flight to LGA is on time.
We have just about an hour & 15 min. in between our flights. I remember the last time we took this flight, we had to get our bags, recheck, then go back through security. We have global entry. Is there enough time? Do you still have to do all of this or are bags put directly through?
If you have booked on one ticket, your bags should be checked through to your European destination (This is not 100% always the case, but definitely more often than not). What airlines are you flying on each segment? In general, 1 hr 15 mins for this type of connection is tight, but doable if your inbound is on time.
Next September, I have a flight from SAN to JFK (landing at Terminal 5), then a 1½ hour layover before hopping on an international flight in Terminal 5 to Europe. I have TSA Pre-check and my checked bags will transit directly to Europe from SAN. Question: Without taking any luggage outside with me, do I have enough time to sneak outside for a quick smoke, go through security screening, and be ready to catch my next flight from Terminal 5?

Many thanks in advance.
You probably have enough time for a quick smoke, but you will likely miss the beginning of boarding, if that matters for you to be able to get good overhead bag space. Any delays on your inbound and I probably wouldn't risk it, though.
I will fly from SLC to JFK T5 by Jetblue and I will have just 1H40 minutes to transfer from T5 to T1 where I will catch the flight to Europe. Is this sufficient if I have to check one suitecase? Thank you
If this is booked on one ticket, your bag should be checked through to your final destination. You will have just enough time if everything goes perfectly and there are no delays. If this is on two separate bookings, 1hr 40 mins is not enough time and is not advisable.
I am flying from buffalo to JFK to Istanbul. I am 1 hr 45 mins. Is that enough time? I heard that we have to claim the baggage at JFK and go through security check again. That may time time. I am wondering if my time is enough.
What airline are you flying from Buffalo to JFK? Did you purchase this as one ticket, or two separate bookings? This is important information that will help give you the best advice.
JetBlue, just one ticket.
Since you're on one ticket, your bags should be checked to your final destination, so no need to claim bags. You will have to exit Terminal 5 and take the Airtrain to Terminal 1, where you will have to reclear security. You should have enough time if there are no delays and everything goes smoothly. If you are worried, you could ask to switch to an earlier flight out of Buffalo.
Thank you. This helps.
Trying to determine how much time we need to get from Terminal 8 on a flight from San Francisco to JFK then transfer to Egypt Air flight to Cairo. right now it is 3 hours and 40 minutes layover. Is that enough time to get our bags, transfer terminals and re check with Egypt Air?
That should be plenty of time if your flights are on time. Even if it takes 30 mins for bags, 30 mins to walk and ride the AirTrain to T4 (Overestimating times here), you'll have more than enough time for check in and security.