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Arrival from Moscow Aeroflot Friday at 12:05 (on October) terminal 1
I want to book separately delta flight to New Orleans at 15:30 terminal 2 or 4
Will I have enough time to go through immigration, collect baggage and security and go to terminal 2 or 4 to do the check in?
I will be arriving Delta terminal 4 at 5:30. Have to exit and get luggage as next flight is booked seperately. Terminal 7 flight is at 8:20 icelandair. Will need to recheck luggage and clear security. Will almost 3 hours be enough time. Thanks
I think I have plenty of time to get between the two airports, but last time I received help here I was wrong and the response probably saved us some time and money so I thought I'd verify this time around too... just to err on the side of caution.

The domestic Southwest flight is scheduled to land at LGA at 2:45pm, the international Icelandair flight out of JFK leaves at 8:50pm. This will be on Monday, September 10th. From everything I've read that should be plenty of time including extra time for the Southwest flight being late, a long wait at the luggage carousel, and delays with the shuttle...

Thank you for any help you can provide.
So, Iceland Air cancelled my flight and put me on an earlier one. It will leave JFK at 8:20pm now (1/2 hour earlier). I think this still gives me time, but I am hoping for some input.
I am arriving on American airlines at 10 am in terminal 8 and departing on Cathay Pacific in terminal 8 at 1:50pm, do i have enough time to claim baggage, check-in and get through security?
My friend is flying on delta and we are on American. Her flight arrives before ours. Is it easy to get from delta baggage to American baggage claim? We have a transfer to the hotel together.
We are flying into Terminal 4 at 7:50 am and flying out of Terminal 7 To DOH at 10:40, so we have enough time to get through security and to Terminal 7? And which shuttle should we take?
Arriving Emirates business class at 7:00 PM. We have global entry. Delta flight at 8:30 PM. CAN WE MAKE IT?
My dad arrives at JFK at 8.50am at terminal 4 and has to board a flight which departs at 11.30am from terminal 5. Does he have enough time to get through immigration, go to terminal 5, go through security and board the next flight? He doesn’t have any check in bags. He is carrying only carry on luggage.
Hi ,

I have been offered different tickets from CLT (NC) to JFK-- american airlines
and JFK to DXB -- Emirates.

both are different tickets, so I assume I have to do a re-check in and pass thru the security again.
How much time would be needed to do this without any hustles. I will have to travel with my family ( 2 adults + 2 toddlers) and 6 check in bags.

thanks in advance
Flying into JFK from PHX, then to Barcelona, Delta, on same ticket; have e 1hr 11 min to get there. Do I have to go into a different terminal to get on international leg and pass through security again?