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JFK Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Do I have to go back through security to go between these two terminals? That is, say I land at terminal 5, but am catching a flight out of terminal 4? Thanks
I have a flight with delta arriving at 1:30pm from Amsterdam and then another flight with klm to Rochester leaving at 4pm from the same terminal. Is 2.5 hours enough time to clear immigration, customs, recheck baggage and security??
how long will it take to clear immigration/security arrivibg at Terminal 1 9am on a Friday
My wife & I ( 67 & 70 years old) arrive at Terminal 4 Delta Fl. # 3815 at 7:19 pm. We fly out top Rome Italy on Delta Fl. # 444 Terminal 3 at 8:07 pm. Can I make the connection. My wife is disabled and can not walk fast. Can we catch a trolley or something else between terminals?
Terminal 3 does not exist anymore at JFK. You will fly out of Terminal 4, since that's where Delta international flights depart from. This should prevent you from walking long distances to catch your connection.
No - we just did this with a 90 minute layover and barely made it. We were very confused and had to ask directions multiple times - EXIT terminal and then walk along the road to the international terminal (No one mentioned air tram) Then had to go thru security again.
I have a British Airways flight arriving at Terminal 8 and I have to catch a flight leaving 2h later from Terminal 8 as well. Is that sufficient to get my luggage, get through customs, security etc.? I have never flown into JFK so I'd love some information.
British won't operate from T8 until 2022, so you'll probably be flying American as a codeshare partner. T8 is generally compact and doesn't have a lot of international flights, so you should quite easily be able to make a connection in 2 hours.
We arrive T2 on Delta at 5:40pm. Depart T1 on Norwegian Air at 11:30pm. We must claim bags at Delta. Can we take the Air Train to T1? Do we need to go through security before boarding Air Train? Anyone familiar, please walk me through the process. Thanks.
Claim your bags, then follow the green AirTrain signs to exit T2 and cross the street to the station. You do not need to clear security to take the AirTrain. Make sure to take the correct train to T1 (display boards and announcements let you know which direction the train is going).
What is the best way to get to terminal 7 to terminal 5, rechecking 1 piece of luggage.
You can take the Airtrain between those two terminals, but you may be able to recheck at T7 after customs if you bought your flights as part of one ticket.
Hi, I have a flight coming into JFK T4 from Raleigh and need to take a flight to London from T7. Is 3 hours connection time enough? My flight from Raleigh lands T4 at 15:57 and my flight from T7 takes off at 21:00
3 hours should be more than enough time to make this connection, unless you have booked this as two separate tickets, in which case I'd go with 4+ hours just to be safe.
I am arriving on flight 214 from Atlanta for connecting flight 206 to Shannon Ireland on 5/21/2019. The lay over time is only 56 min. Is this enough time to transfer to terminal 4 and make the connecting flight?
I fly into JFK from Hou. Arrive 3:37. Aer Lingus flight leaves for Dublin at 5:20. Same terminal. Separate ticket. Can I make it?