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Virgin Atlantic stopped direct San Fran to Manchester flight! Now been booked on San franciso to Manchester via JFK!

I understand delta and virgin Atlantic are code partners!

We land at JFK 2020 and take for Manchester 2130!

Not sure 1hour 10mins layover is enough time as do we have to collect bags and recheck in for thee second flight!

Any thoughts gladly appreciated as never had connecting flight before

All you have to do in JFK is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate in Terminal 4. You have enough time if the flight from San Francisco is on-time.
Thanks for getting back to me and putting ones mind at ease!
I neglected to mention my daughter is also flying on JetBlue out of Santo Domingo. The 2:04 arrival time into JFK is pm.
Hi. My daughter is flying from Santo Domingo in DR arriving at JFK at 2:04 with a connecting flight on JetBlue to Chicago departing at 3:45p.
I imagine she will go thru customs in NYC. Does she have enough time to make her connecting flight?
If she has no checked bags she has a slight chance if everything goes perfectly. With checked bags she has no chance.
My aunt is arriving from an international flight to JFK and she will have 1h30 minutes to transfer to another international flight.
Both her flights are in terminal 4.
Is it possible to make the connections in time?
Thank you
It's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Hi. I will be arriving tomorrow at 14.40 terminal 5 with Aer Lingus - I will have pre-clearance. have booked a delta flight leaving from terminal 2 - gate C68 leaving at 3.30pm - hope to check bags thru all the way - what is the quickest way from terminal 5 to terminal 2 and will I make it in 50 minutes?
Aer Lingus won't check your bags through to Delta, so you won't make it.
flight leaves at 6pm today from jfk to milan - how far ahead of time should we arrive at jfk?
Travelling to Abu Dabai from Boston thru JFK on the same reservation thru Eithad:
- Do I need to recheck bags from BOS before taking off to Abu Dabai?
- Do I need to go back to the Etihad desk to get my tickets outgoing from JFK or will I be able to get tickets for all my legs at the AA desk in Boston?

On my way back, similar questions:
- When returning from Abu Dabai, will I need to recheck my bags to get from JFK to BOS?
You won't need to re-check your bags in JFK. They should be able to issue both boarding passes in Boston. On the way back you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Abu Dhabi, so you again won't have to do anything with your bags in JFK.
Hi - we arrive Mar 17 9am on Delta Terminal 4. Flight to London on AA departs 1120am Terminal 8. Is that enough time to catch the London flight? Will I have to claim my luggage at Term 4 and recheck it at Terminal 8? Thanks!
Yes, you will have to claim your luggage from Delta in Terminal 4 and take it with you to AA in Terminal 8 and re-check it then go through security. That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.

Is 2 hours and 30 minutes enough for transfer arriving from Europe (Delta) at 1 pm. to Savannah (jetBlue) with checked baggage?
That's barely possible if everything goes perfectly. You will have to transfer your bags from T4 to T5 yourself.
I land at JFK from Chicago with an 1h 25 min connection before I need to make my Delta International flight- will I have enough time?
Yes, all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal 4. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.
OK I am flying delta from Chicago to JFK and then Delta again to prague so the 1hr 25 min is substantial?