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Due to our age and the corona virus can we transfer our ticket to our family? With our health conditions and age we don't feel safe flying yet. Thank you Bill Swails PL7FZY-1611 And Barbara Swails PL7FZY 1629. Thank you Billie Swails
What is the cheapest way to get from SNA to the Woodland Hills Hilton Hotel on a Friday and returning on a Thursday- both mid-day
Contact your hotel or the Airport: SNA has across from the roadway of the arrivals pickup area an island for public transportation, which includes taxis. The Ground Transportation Center (GTC) is across from the Lower level Roadway - between Parking B2 & A2. Look for assistance by coordinators. It offers shuttles to/from hotels, door-to-door, to remote Lot C and Main Street, and the Disneyland Resort Express.
I want to say I think the website you have for JWA is really good.
Thanks - John Wayne Airport is an important airport - we take pride in our work!