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Where is the TSA PreCheck security line for southwest flights at MCI?
Each gate area has to have its own security checkpoint due to the outdated design of the MCI terminals.
What is the closest. Door to gate B40?
Can someone tell me if the US Airways gate has TSA PRE? I often fly with Southwest and I know that gate has it. I learned United has it now as well. What about the gate for US Airways. Is there TSA PRECHECK
Indeed it has - as now the majority of US APs do.
I think I left my galaxy tab outside gate #78 on Tuseday evening at 9pm. If you find my item, please contact me at 503-808-3982. I will pay a reward for its safe return.
Is the KC Airport all on ground level?
All the passenger areas are on one level - it's an older design
There are some restaurants and airline lounges on second levels, and the short term parking in the center of each terminal building has 3 levels but everything has eleveator access!!
Lost items outside Marriott Hotel at KC Airport. Please contact me @ [email protected] if recovered. Thanks and God bless.

No commerical interests please.
I lost my camera bag in TSA at MCI in Terminal C at entrance to gate 82 on Saturday, March 23 at 6:30 AM.
Lost my iPod on a Delta flight from Atlanta to KCI. Thanks for any help. Please post a response if you have info.
Lost my phone in terminal B baggage claime in the wee hours of 3/14/13. Would love to have it back.
Try to call the Airport's Lost & Found at 816-243-5237.