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We think that we left an ipad at security. It's an older generation IPAD in a black leather fold over protector with a keyboard inside the protector. There is a wide white fluorescent strip on the outside of the leather protector. We flew on Friday July 20th on Westjet from Kelowna to Winnipeg. We would have gone through security after 4 to 4::30. a
I had my glasses during the flight but noticed I did not have them on the drive home. They are prescription computer-focal-length glasses. They are dark grey metal frames and the outside of the arms are yellow. If they were picked up and turned in, please let me know how to contact Lost and Found and retrieve them. Thanks you and regards
Did you have a pair of metal eyeglasses trimmed in green and black on upper lenses with black arms returned to lost and found. They were in a pink and white mottled soft case. I lost them on October 17, 2017.
Thank you.
I left an article of clothing at the security check in and want to know if it can be put aside with my name on it until I return. However this "help" site simply says contact the airport but there's no number to call or page re-direct. What am I supposed to do???