EYW Airport - Key West Airport ( Key West , FL )


Key West International Airport EYW serves the southernmost area in the continental United States. In fact, the island of Key West - the last of the Florida Keys stretching into the Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico - is closer to Cuba at 90 miles than to Miami at 180 miles.
Key West is approximately four miles long and 2 miles wide, so the airport is close to all of the Key West attractions – white sand beaches, historic houses and a rambunctious nightlife.

With 6377,000 passengers in 2016, Key West is served by regular and seasonal airline flights.
Most flights to Key West are routed through Miami International Airport, but you can find some direct flights from major cities in Florida, the Bahamas and Atlanta.

Post-Hurricate news:  Key West received its first Cruise Ship since Hurricane Irma on Sept. 24. 2017.
According to the 'Miami Herald' - The Florida Keys officially opened to tourists on Sunday Oct. 1, 2017 (3 weeks ahead of schedule).  
The Airport and its 4 airlines started operations on Sept. 25, 2017. . 

The small passenger terminal at Key West Airport offers basic services and amenities.  After the Airport entrance there is a left exit to the road between the parking facility and south side of the terminal housing ticket counters and security checkpoint.  The outer road circle continues on to the north side of the terminal with Departure Lounge to the right and baggage claim to the left.  If using the cell phone lot, keep on driving around the bend & follow sign. 
   The south side of the terminal has escalators on both ends to the parking facility.  It also houses the ticket counters (right) , elevator & ATM in center and security checkpoint (left).  Between the south & north side of the terminal there are 2 separate crosswalks (between ticket counters and departure lounge, and between TSA screening and baggage claim).
   The north side of the terminal is divided between the Departure Lounge (right) and the Baggage Claim (left) with ATM, rental car counters and transport counter.  From the Departure Lounge is access to airline gates 1-6.
A separate building to the right of the north side houses Customs, Sheriff Office, Greyhound & Badging, while a separate building to the left of the north side  houses the County Fire Rescue. 

Current airlines serving the terminal (as of Oct. 2, 2017 the four airlines serve Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Miami, Tampa and West Palm Beach 
American - tel. 800-433-7300,
Delta - tel. 800-325-8224,
Silver - tell. 800-881-4999
United - tel. 800-864-8331

Public Transportation from the Airport: Aside from taking a taxi or the Keys Shuttle (305-289-9997 or visit:  www.keysshuttle.com) - you have the following options: (The new 'Key West Transit' site - http://www.kwtransit.com/ - will offer a Live Bus Map and Arrival Times.)
- Keys City Bus & Lower Keys Shuttlestops at the east end of the terminal, on the roadway curb (tel. 305-809-3910. 
- Miami-Dade-Monroe Express Route (tel. 305-891-3131.
- Greyhound has an on-airport bus station (305-296-9072 or visit www.greyhound.com) with available small lockers.

3491 S Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, FL 33040
Website: http://www.eyw.com/
Contact: info@moroecounty-fl.gov
Phone: (305) 809 5200