Children and Security

Tips for getting thru airport security with children

Going thru security is hard when traveling with kids (especially several children under 5). Below are some tips to help prepare you for this part of your trip.

Take your time. While there are often long lines, it is not a race.People need to be patient as these important safety precautions are taking place.

Be organized and have a plan. If you are traveling with another adult, decide in advance who will be in charge of folding the stroller, carrying the infant/toddler, taking off/on shoes/jackets etc. Make one person in charge of electronics and liquids in ziplocks that must be separated out.

Make sure one adult is wearing something with deep and accessible pockets to hold IDs and boarding passes. You’ll want to keep these in a safe but easy to reach location.

Explain to children what to expect before entering the security area. They will be required to take off shoes/jackets and walk thru the metal detector. Everything (even their soothing items) must go thru a scanner. If the children are old enough, have them manage their own belongings.

If you have a stroller, make sure it is ready to fold before entering the security area. Strollers and car seats that you plan to gate check must go thru the scanner. While you might want to keep your child in the stroller until the last minute, it is useful to have the extra compartments empty for quick and easy folding.

Infants and small children can be carried thru the metal detector by an adult. Infants must be removed from car seats (even if they are sleeping). Some adults find wearing a fabric infant carrier or sling an easy way to transport an infant thru security without disruption.

Make sure everything is in a bag. Loose items can be lost easily. Also the security areas are not the most sanitary places for random pacifiers and other soothing items to land.