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Kuwait International Airport KWI is located in Farwaniyahh, 15.5 km south of Kuwait City, in Kuwait. The Airort is administered by Kuwait Airwys Corporatio (KAC). 

With two long runways and nearly 9 million passengersa year, Kuwait International Airport is hub to Jazeera Airways and Kuwait Airways, and is served by large number of international airlines offering direct & connecting flights to all points of the globe.
As of October 30, 2016, Kuwait Airways started service to Muscat, offering ''pay less, carry more' with reduced fares.

The on-Airport Hotel Safir
(tel. 4754) – intended as a transit hotel – but offering a host of amenities, is about 200 meters from the passenger terminal 1 offers its own shuttle service to the terminal.
The current passenger terminal complex at Kuwait International Airport includes the large Terminal 1 and the small Sheikh Saad Terminal: A support team is available for passenger assistance and to guard the passenger safety, as well as to organize movement inside the terminal. The team wears a yellow vest, which has imprinted in the back of it in black 'Can I help you?' (in both Arabic & English).  However, by mid October 2016, the 'Kuwaiti Time' put it this way (assuming reference to the Saad Terminal): "Kuwait Airport is the only airport in the world where you walk according to intuition, lacking any signs to guide passengers, who will be herded to the passport lounge where rude passport officers will stamp your passport.  Absent sufficient seating, many passengers sit or sleep on the floor.  The Airport's expansion project started years ago and seems to remain in progress forever!"

   Terminal 1 - currently the Main Terminal - with a connected Commercial Center,  offers all the amenities of a first-rate airport. It offers easy to follow signs, 100 automated check-in points, a state-of-the-art baggage handling system, food & drink and retail concessions, currency exchange, free WiFi access, and a Kids Zone. Aldeasa Duty-free is on the departure level past security check.  The new electronic-visa sector enables applicants to obtain entry visa online ahead of arrival.
 - The Arrivals Zone of T1 It houses passport control,  Visa sevices, baggage claim, rental car counters &  duty-free shopping.
 - The Departure Zone of T1 has baggage and check-in areas, a bank branch of NBK, passport control & access to E-gate.  Jazeera Arways opened is new lounge for business-class passengers - with views of the runway, and free WiFi, wireless printer, and a business corner witthiPads.  
 - T1's Kuwait Airways Lounge is accessible after security check - a 2-minue walk.  The lounge is large and is attractively partitioned into more private spaces; it also has a nice business center. 

[ New Terminal 2* completion is scheduled for completoin late 2020 (however, the uwait Airport site shows only news up to 2015!) ].
   The Sheikh Saad Terminal - used mainly as general aviation terminal but also handling some scheduled flights - is known for its outstanding services.

* Present and future Airport Developments: 
 Construction started May 2017 on a new 5-level passenger Terminal 2 - located south of the current terminal complex. It will be layed out as a three-pointed star - each point extending 600 meters from the star's center - covering an area of 708,000 sq.meters (with new access routes from the Seventh Ring Road to the south of the airport compound) . T2 will have 120 check-in counters, a baggage system able to handle 2,930 bags per hour,  and 51gates & stands, able to serve 21 Airbus A380 superjumbos simultaneously.  The roof will have 66,000 solar panels generating 12MW of power. The terminal  will also have its own runway and is to handle 13 million passengers after completion of its first phase of construction, and 25 million passengers by 2020.  T2's two airside hotels will form part of the new building.
B: A new road construction will connect to King Faisal Motorway 51 and 7th Ring Road.   Also, a new metro line is to connect the Airport with City Center.
C: Jazeera Airways acquired land to build a new terminal with a new business-class lounge, and a carpark, which would ease current airport congestion.  Obtaining permits and subsequent construction is expected to take 15 months - and by Fall 2017 the new terminal could be in place. 
D:  The addition by Kuwait Airways of ten new Boeing 777-300ERs will enable Kuwait Airways to own the most recent commercial fleet in the region.

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