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Hello, American Airlines had a delay in my baggage and I had an international flight at 7:45 pm on January 8th. The delayed baggage was suppose to arrive beforehand but it didn't arrive until almost 11 pm after I left. I need my luggage to be mailed to my location abroad. Is the airport able to take care of this? I still have my bag tags
This is not the airport's website. Baggage is handled solely by the airline, not the airport. You need to contact American to get your bags.
Hi. I'll be travel with my 17 months son from norfolk to lga at January 2016. I put him in the stroller and push him. That will be very hard for me to take and carry my luggage and travel to the JFK T4 to check in our connect flight. It's there any people to help with luggage and take/carry to the JFK T4 for me ? If have, how much i should pay them? And how i get to JFK airport T4 from LGA ? Taxi ? Or can they help with the luggage to take it to the taxi all the way from baggage claim to the taxi ? Thx
If you arrange a car service they will help you with the baggage to and from the car, but it will cost about $75. You will have to get your baggage to and from a Taxi (which will be cheaper) but the driver will help you put it in and take it out of the trunk.
Got it. Thank you
My delayed baggage has been sitting at American Airlines baggage claim since yesterday at noon. It's supposed to be with Delta. Delta says American needs to bring it over, American says Delta needs to come get it. You can't get either airline to make a call and say, "Got get the woman's baggage" and apparently there's some power issue about caving and solving the problem. SO NOT PLEASED, no means to contact anyone directly. Anyone have a phone number? Suggestion?
Hey you actually got someone to pick up the phone? I've been calling and calling. Ringing as we speak...
Well, at their delayed baggage office, which is in some other state and basically pointless after the initial "where is my bag?" Conversation. Good luck.
So LGA still doesn't have a priority security line for business class customers, terminal B?
May be a good idea for business travelers to point this out - the Port Authority's tel. number is w212-435-7000. Or open - scroll down and click on "Feedback" in the blue area.
I left a tote bag at my seat in Columbus, OHIO at the Delta boarding gate with my passports, medications, and boarding passes for a cruise on 8/22/11 out od NY. Magdalene Mendez in Terminal D at Baggage Claim assisted me in hunting the lost tote which she found out it had been boxed by Delta and sent on the next flight to LGA. After three hours of searching and minutes before the cruise ship would be leaving, Magdalene approached me with a box with my tote and all my contents safe and sound. Her relentless searching saved a $7,000. cruise for my family
Don't bother locking your bags here. The baggage handlers will destroy your zippers with bolt cutters and take what they want to anyway. I am completely disgusted by what appears to be routine thievery and breaking into TSA secured luggage. My mother's bag was also broken into on this trip adn the same on her trip 2 years ago. Don't put anything valuable in your checked bags and don't bother with the locks, those only keep out the honest people which NYC airports have none of anyhow. I am a very disappointed and violated Candian traveler.
i just flew back from LGA may 4th and i found my GPS missing. i shouldnt have checked it, but what the hell! i dont even know who to complain to..