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Is disability assistance available for the long walk from Terminal B baggage claim to the taxi stand?
I am flying spirit using a an airport
Wheelchair have oxygen is there an easier place I could be picked up by cab besides the bus ....
I walk with a cane. I will be landing at LAG terminal B. How far will I have to walk to get luggage and then to get the Super Shuttle?
How do I get/book assistance to take my Mom in a wheelchair from baggage claim to ground transportation?
Did you ever get a reply? Facing the same challenge
Hi! I’m going to be traveling soon with 3 large bags & I’m unable to carry/lift because I of recent surgery. I will take an Uber to LGA & will fly Southwest. Is there a way to pay someone to help get my luggage from Uber drop off to Southwest check-in counter?
Thank you for your help!
Taking flight 705 Early Saturday morning ticket says Terminal D but Gate for the flight has been D2 lately. We have to check a pre paid bag at Spirit. Should I get dropped off at Terminal D or C??
Could you please tell me how to find the Q70 bus once we arrive in terminal D. Thank you!
I will be traveling with a 16-month old child, his carraige, a suitcase and his car seat. Is there any way I can arrange for a skycap to meet my car at the curbside of the terminal Southwest uses?
Port authority police do not have the bag
I need to see if the delta baggage area is holding the bag
Pink tag on the bag
Silver carry on with 4 wheels
Medication needed in the bag
Is it possible to get from terminal C to terminal D in a wheelchair? Or is there some sort of golf cart?