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I will arrive @ terminal D. I am to meet ground transport outside Customs.
Where is Customs?
There is no US Customs at LaGuardia. If you are coming from Canada you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Canada.
My mother is traveling with me tomorrow and will need help getting from the terminal to her gate. What are our options - this is on a flight from LGA toMemphis tomorrow on American. Thank you.
We have heard horror stories about difficulties with construction (parking, getting to correct terminals, etc). Planning to travel in June. Are these stories true? Should we look elsewhere to fly?
Yes, LGA is still a mess due to construction and will be for a few years. They have it moving as smoothly as they can, but it's still a mess.
There is no Terminal 4.
Does LaGuardia have Customs and Immigration? Where would I go through Customs and Immigration if I were to travel from Montreal or Toronto to LaGuardia? How much time would I need to be able to check-in for another flight with no check-in baggage?
If you fly from Montreal or Toronto to LaGuardia you go through US Immigration and customs preclearance in Canada. There are no US Immigration and customs facilities at LaGuardia. Time required depends on what airlines you plan on flying and whether or not a terminal change would be involved.
Can I still walk to Terminal B from the 94th St overpass? Thanks.
I have to drop off car at Hertz near airport , then take a Delta Flight out at 9:30am on a Saturday I assume their is a shuttle to take me to Delta airport terminal? Approximate time to drop off and still catch my flight?
Yes, Hertz will have a shuttle that can take you to the correct terminal. I would try to drop off your car by 7:30. Construction near LGA is a mess.
Thanks you
What do I need to know about flying into and from LGA with a Therapy dog.
You need to contact your airline.
When My mom and I get dropped off at LGA Delta Terminal for our flight...how and where do I get her the wheelchair assistance I requested. Thanks
Contact Delta before your flight to request wheelchair service.
My sister has stage 4 cancer and is traveling from LaGuardia to Minneapolis on 12/22/17. She was a volunteer at Ground Zero and her cancer has been certified by the World Trade Center Health as a direct result of her service at 9/11 site. This trip will be her final trip home to her family. Is there an area at the Volunteer of America center that has a place for her to lay down or at least be in a quiet area? The Volunteer of America phone is not answered and I have called repeatedly.

Thank you