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How do I get/book assistance to take my Mom in a wheelchair from baggage claim to ground transportation?
Hi! I’m going to be traveling soon with 3 large bags & I’m unable to carry/lift because I of recent surgery. I will take an Uber to LGA & will fly Southwest. Is there a way to pay someone to help get my luggage from Uber drop off to Southwest check-in counter?
Thank you for your help!
Taking flight 705 Early Saturday morning ticket says Terminal D but Gate for the flight has been D2 lately. We have to check a pre paid bag at Spirit. Should I get dropped off at Terminal D or C??
Could you please tell me how to find the Q70 bus once we arrive in terminal D. Thank you!
I will be traveling with a 16-month old child, his carraige, a suitcase and his car seat. Is there any way I can arrange for a skycap to meet my car at the curbside of the terminal Southwest uses?
Port authority police do not have the bag
I need to see if the delta baggage area is holding the bag
Pink tag on the bag
Silver carry on with 4 wheels
Medication needed in the bag
Is it possible to get from terminal C to terminal D in a wheelchair? Or is there some sort of golf cart?
I will arrive @ terminal D. I am to meet ground transport outside Customs.
Where is Customs?
There is no US Customs at LaGuardia. If you are coming from Canada you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Canada.
My mother is traveling with me tomorrow and will need help getting from the terminal to her gate. What are our options - this is on a flight from LGA toMemphis tomorrow on American. Thank you.
We have heard horror stories about difficulties with construction (parking, getting to correct terminals, etc). Planning to travel in June. Are these stories true? Should we look elsewhere to fly?
Yes, LGA is still a mess due to construction and will be for a few years. They have it moving as smoothly as they can, but it's still a mess.