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ABE : VALET Aug 19, '14 Comments: 0

Lehigh Valley Airport Parking


ABE : OFF SITE PARKING Oct 30, '13 Comments: 0

Lehigh Valley Airport Parking


ABE : Parking stupidity Jul 25, '13 Comments: 0

Lehigh Valley Airport Parking

Why did ABE remove the meter area and make it employee parking only? Why do you have to charge people who are at the terminal less than 15 to 30 minutes to pick someone up?

ABE : Why not close Airport or Replace Manager May 05, '13 Comments: 1

Lehigh Valley Airport General Topics

As someone born in Bethlehem 65 years ago with family in the area, ABE is the most poorly managed waste of land and resources in the aviation industry. How a market of several hundred thousand is not able to leverage its market position to get flights to Boston, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, et.a; is a testament to the incompetence of the leadership
It would be faster to drive than fly from Allentown to Harrisburg. No airlines have a hub in pittsburgh anymore so there is no airline to fly such a service. No mid-sized airports in the northeast or mid atlantic have service to Pittsburgh anymore.

ABE : can someone tell me the economy parking Apr 18, '13 Comments: 2

Lehigh Valley Airport Parking

what are the parking rates for economy parking?
Unfortunately economy parking is no longer available. We have to park in the long term parking, a 50% increase in parking fee! It is an added burden to many frequent flyers. Some of us already opt to fly out from Philly.

ABE : INTERNATIONAL Jun 25, '12 Comments: 1

Lehigh Valley Airport General Airport Topics

I wish this airport had flight international to the Dominican republic am sick of traveling from NYC and Newark to far.
Make a suggestion by e-mailing ABE at [email protected]

ABE : luggage delivery Sep 10, '11 Comments: 0

Lehigh Valley Airport General Topics

I just wanted to compliment you on Albert who brought me my lost luggage today to my work. What a nice man you have working for you.

ABE : Taxi Driver Apr 11, '11 Comments: 0

Lehigh Valley Airport Ground Transport

I was waiting for my husband and I was parked in front of the doors as many others were, probably waiting for family members as well. This taxi driver at approx 3pm at ABE airport, continued to honk his horn at cars, b/c they were in his stop. I refused to move b/c I was not in the taxi stand. He got out of his taxi and and told me that I had to move or else. Since I had my 7 month old daughter with me in the car, I did b/c I feared for her safety. Then he drove off. I will NEVER use your service and will be filing a complaint with the BBB. I will also let everyone know about my experience.