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arrive on Alaska airlines at 5:00 p.m., depart Azores Airlines at 6:20 p.m. Enough time?
With checked bags on two separate reservations that will be difficult. You will have to be with your bags at the Azores AIrlines check-in desk only 20 minutes after you're scheduled to arrive.
in July arriving on Southwest from Austin Tx at 1530. need to connect with Lufthansa for London leaving at 1700. can I make it?
Lufthansa doesn't fly from Boston to London. Please double check your reservation. Also, that's probably not enough time if correct.
Hi! I'm arriving on Delta at 4:50pm on a Thursday, Terminal A. I'll be departing to SNN at 7:20pm on Aer Lingus, Terminal C. They are separate flights, no codeshare. I know I have to go through security again in Terminal C. I believe I'm supposed to be at the gate 45 mins prior to departure, so 6:35pm. That gives me 1 hour 45 minutes to get off of the Delta flight, over to Terminal C, through security, and to my gate. This seems like enough time to me, but am I missing something? I know I have a problem if my Delta flight is delayed, but is there any reason this wouldn't be possible on a Thursday in May?
Yes, it is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you!
I'm arriving on a jetblue ar TC and have an Emirates connection at TE after just about an hour. Luggage is checked in thru. Is this enough time? Do I have to go thru security at TE?
Yes, that should be enough time. You can now walk from Terminal C to Terminal E inside security.
Arriving AA at 5:15pm Terminal B and connecting to BA at 6:20 pm Terminal E. Shows up as a "legal connection". Traveling in F. Will AA provide any assistance? Otherwise is a bus or train transfer between terminals?
There is no bus inside security or train or other assistance. You have to walk to E and go through security. There is a bus outside security that runs on the lower level but it hardly saves any time, if at all.
How long is the walk to E from B?
Probably about 15 minutes.
We're flying SYR to San Diego with 38 min layover in Bos, JetBlue, is that enough time?
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time but leaves no time to spare.
I'm flying from San Diego to Detroit with a layover in Boston that is 30 minutes. Same airline. Is it possible to make my connecting flight in 30 minutes? Am I better of checking my bag or carrying on?
It's possible but leaves no time to spare. i'd carry on if I could.
I'm supposed to arrive into Bos Terminal E at 5:15pm and would like to know if it's possible to catch a connecting flight out of Terminal b at 6:22pm. No checked bags. Is Customs and Immigration decent in BOS?
What airlines are you flying? Is it all one reservation or two separate reservations? I doubt that is enough time.
Flying in on TAP Portugal and connecting to United...split reservations. How does one get from Terminal E to Terminal B? Is there a bus or something?
There is a bus on the lower level or you can walk. With no checked baggage that connection is barely possible if everything goes perfectly and you check in for your United flight online.
I arrive Delta slc to bos at 4:30 pm. Must get to terminal c for cape air flight to Rutland ,Vermont at 5:33. What is my best method? My bags will be onboard with me
The best way is to walk/run. You will have to go through security again in Terminal C. You have barely enough time.
Can I walk to Hilton Boston Logan from Terminal E?
Not really, it's not really pedestrian accessible.