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A US citizen arriving at 5:30 AM in Term E on a Monday morning connecting to a flight departing Term C at 7:00 AM with only carry-on luggage. Is this enough time?
What airlines are you flying? That should be just enough time.
I arrive to Boston on 6:25pm from Buffalo and have connection flight to Amsterdam depart 6:56am. How much time I need? This 30mins are ok? Is those filghts are on the same terminal?
What airlines are you flying? Are both flights on the same reservation or is it two separate reservations?
Delta, one reservation
We are flying to BOS on a Jet Blue flight and will transfer to TAP; both are in terminal C. I am wondering about the distance between gates and whether I will need to arrange for wheelchair assistance to make this transfer, as I walk with a cane.
C is a reasonably large terminal. If you have doubts about your mobility I'd request a wheelchair by calling JetBlue.
Many thanks
Dear All;
I will be arriving with a TK 81flight to Boston Logan & have a connection in 1h58minutes by Jet Blue 777. Will I have enough time to catch up the connecting flight? Thank you:-)))
If it's all on one reservation you have just enough time. If it's two separate reservations I don't think you have enough time.
Sincerely thank you for the info...
Arriving into terminal C on 22nd Dec at 2:20pm from Ireland on aer lingus (will have cleared in Ireland)
Departing terminal B at 5pm American Airlines. 2 seperate reservations with checked luggage.
Have I allowed enough time with 2hrs 40mins?
Yes, that should be enough time if the Aer Lingus flight is on-time.
I'm flying from LAX -> BOS -> YHZ during December. Have there been issues on this connection? Will I have enough time?
The flight is December 16th, a good week before it gets crazy.
You do have to go from Terminal B to Terminal A and go through security, which means you have barely enough time.
I have TSA Pre Check, will that help at BOS?
Yes, it should.
I will be arriving at BOS from RDU at 1600 on a Tuesday, in April on a Delta Connection flt and have a VERY SHORT, 40 minutes to catch my Delta flight to AMS. (same airlines/ticket, Skypriority, baggage checked through RDU to PRG). I'm not sure but it looks like both arrival and departure gates will be in Terminal A or maybe one in the A satellite (7 min walk?)? It also looks I should not need to leave the flight side. Will I have any trouble making this?
Yes, both flights are in Terminal A. It's enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Will I be able to make my Boston flight with only 55 minutes between arrival on Cape Air and departure on American?
That's barely enough time if everything goes smoothly as you have to change terminals and go through security.
Arriving from Tel Aviv scheduled at 530am, need to connect with SW airlines for 725am flight to BWI. Can it be done? Thanks!
Maybe with no checked bags. With checked bags I don't think it's possible since you have to go to the complete opposite side of the airport for Southwest in Terminal A.
I arrive Jetblue from SAN , 1.5 hour layover in BOS to connect to Icelandair to MUC. Is the 1.5 hr layover going to be a problem?
If it's all on one reservation that's enough time. If it's two separate reservations and you have checked bags you might have difficulty.