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I am an Indian citizen arriving at terminal E on a Saturday afternoon. I will be on Emirates. I will need to clear customs collect my checked in bag and then go to terminal C to check into JetBlue for Cleveland. Is it possible to do this in 2 hrs?
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I have an international IcelandAir flight arriving at 5:50PM on a Friday, and intend to take a domestic American Airlines flight leaving at 8PM. They are separate reservations. Is this humanly possible? If so, how do I get from Terminal E to Terminal B efficiently, and can I utilize the recheck baggage procedure outside of customs even if these are booked as separate reservations?
You will have to take your bags to Terminal B to re-check them. With checked bags I don't think that connection is possible.
I have an upcoming connection between Terminal B (United) and Terminal A (Southwest). I'm wondering if there is a bus still running between these terminals, if I can walk between them without having to go back through screening, or if I have to exit and go back through security. Thanks in advance for the advice
You have to exit security. You can either walk between the terminals or take a bus on the lower level.
Is there adequate transfer time if I arrive at terminal A at 7PM, pick up luggage then travel to terminal E, recheck luggage and go through security to make a connecting flight to Dubai at 10 PM? I have TSA pre check.
Yes, that should be enough time. Note that you won't be able to uses PreCheck in Boston since Emirates is not a Pre-Check participant.
Would 2 hours be enough time to allow to arrive on International flight from Ireland(Preclearance done in Ireland) and get to Domestic TErminal for flight to Florida?
What airlines? Do you have checked bags? Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
Hi, I will travel SEATTLE-BOS and then BOS-BOGOTA(Colombia), the connection time in Boston will be 2 hours. Is this enough time to make this international connection?
If you have checked bags you will need to go through security again. If you just have a carry-on, then you should check in online for the Avianca flight. That should be enough time to get the flight. The trick won't work the other way around because of US customs. If you want to do the connection in reverse you should still do the online check in if you have a carry-on, but be prepared to go through airport security again.
We are US citizens considering a flight from Heathrow to Boston in mid-June 2018. It would arrive at BOS around 5:15 p.m. Our return flight to Atlanta would be separately ticketed to depart at 7:50 p.m. Is 2.5 hours enough time to collect luggage, clear customs, and make a domestic flight?
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
How much time I need when I arrive in Terminal E(Emirates flight) and catch jet blue(either Terminal E or C)
I recommend 2 hours.
Must I go through security again if I'm arriving in terminal b in boaton and flying out terminal c cape air?
Yes, you will have to go through security again. Terminal B is not connected to any other terminals inside security.
Hi all,

I am a British Citizen. I am looking to fly from London Gatwick to Boston then go onto Cleveland. These will be 2 separate flights.

LGW - BOS - Norwegian Air
BOS - CLE - Spirit/JetBlue

CLE - BOS - Spirit/JetBlue
BOS - LGW - Norwegian Air

Unfortunately on the return, there is only an hour window from me landing in Boston to get to my flight to Gatwick. Will that be enough time to get to the flight? What will i expect such as security, customs etc?

Just a note, i have not bought the ticket as its not till October. Looking to see what is typical or what i should expect.
On the return, that isn't enough time. Sorry, you'll have to find a different way back to London. You need at least 2 hours with no checked bags, and 3 hours with checked bags.